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Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic - Certificate Level 1

The two-year Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program is designed to prepare individuals as competent, entry-level pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services Practitioners. The program is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP), 1361 Park St., Clearwater, FL 33756-6039, Telephone: 727.210.2350, Fax: 727.210.2354,, of the American Medical Association (AMA), 515 N. State St., Chicago, IL 60610, 312.464.4635.

Emergency Medical Services - RN to Paramedic - Enhanced Skills Certificate

The RN to Paramedic Enhanced Skills Certificate will apply previous clinical knowledge to field situations and supplement it with additional knowledge and skills related to pre-hospital situations. This intensive certificate will cover such topics as patient assessment, rapid extrication, intubation, pre-hospital medications, equipment and patient management.

Endoscopy Technician I - Certificate Level 2

The Endoscopy Technician program is designed for individuals interested in caring for the endoscopy patient. Upon completion of the program, graduates may gain employment as an Endoscopy Technician who handles the scopes, supplies and equipment during all types of endoscopy procedures. The Endoscopy Technician may gain employment in hospitals, surgery centers, and free standing endoscopy suites.

Fashion Design - AAS

Our Fashion Design AAS prepares students for a wide range of fashion-related careers, from Fashion Designer to Creative Director to Production Manager to Quality Controller. It offers a well-rounded degree plan covering the various aspects of garment production , from design to construction, textile selection, flat pattern, draping, and collection planning.

Fashion Design - Commercial Sample Maker - Certificate Level 1

The Commercial Sample Maker Certificate Level I prepares students for entry-level work in the fashion production industry. Sample makers are responsible for sewing designs out of production pattern, identifying possible construction issues, assisting during live fitting, and adjusting the pattern to reflect any changes requested by the designer.

Fashion Design - Digital Design - Certificate Level 1

Our Digital Design Certificate Level I was recently created to meet the high demand for Fashion Technical Designers. The degree plan takes the student through 3 levels of specialized computer skills covering a wide range of tools and operations, from tech packs to digital pattern making, grading, and specs sheet editing.

Fashion Design - Men's Tailoring & Alterations - Certificate Level 1

Our Men's Tailoring and Alterations Certificate Level I prepares students for entry-level work in men's clothing alterations and custom tailoring. It focuses on fit analysis and garment alterations, traditional tailoring techniques, and the art of custom clothing.

Fashion Design - Patternmaking - Certificate Level 1

Our Pattern Making Certificate Level I prepares students for entry-level work in ready-to-wear pattern-making, pattern grading, and pattern marker making. It focuses on advanced flat pattern skills, draping, pattern grading, and pattern alteration. Such skills are required in fashion production settings, but also in costume workshops and sportswear production operations.

Fashion Design - Theatrical Costume Design - Certificate Level 2

Our Theatrical Costume Design Certificate Level II prepares students for entry-level work in a costume workshop. The degree plan includes classes in fabric design, play analysis, historical costume construction, and advanced technical skills such as millinery, custom patterns, and bustier making.

Fashion Merchandising - Fashion Image Merchandising - Certificate Level 1

The Fashion Image Merchandising certificate program develops the students awareness of personal style while preparing them to advise clients on color, line, design, silhouette, and total wardrobe planning. All the courses in this certificate apply to the AAS in Fashion Merchandising degree. (This program was formerly named as Fashion Image Consultant.)