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Preventive Dental Hygiene Care | DHYG | 1227

The role of the dental hygienist as a therapeutic oral health care provider with emphasis on concepts of disease management, health promotion, communication, and behavior modification.

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Preventive Dentistry | DNTA | 1245

The study of nutrition and preventable dental disease and community dental health.

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Principles of Accounting I | ACNT | 1025

This course covers the fundamentals of financial accounting, including double-entry accounting and the accounting cycle. Other topics include cash, receivables, inventories, plant assets, liabilities, partnerships, corporations, statement of cash flows and interpretation of financial statements.

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Principles of Automatic Control | INTC | 1441

Basic measurements, automatic control systems and design, closed loop systems, controllers, feedback, control modes, and control configurations.

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Principles of Bank Operation | BNKG | 1303

Overview of the fundamental banking functions and the role of regulation in the banking industry. Explanation of financial products and services to various markets.

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Principles of Biochemistry | BITC | 1403

Structure, function, and cellular metabolism of various bio-molecules. Concentrates on the intra- and intermolecular conversion of bio-molecules. Knowledge in this area is directly applicable to analysis and processing of bio-molecules and their pertinence to biotechnology as it relates to biopharmaceuticals, biodiagnostics, fermentation, and bio-manufacturing.

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Principles of Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery and Hydraulic Fracturing | PTRT | 2373

Introduction in the development, basic operations, enhancement, optimization, and monitoring of fundamental and commonly implemented enhanced oil and gas recovery best practices.

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Principles of Exports | IBUS | 1301

Export management processes and procedures. Includes governmental controls and compliance, licensing of products, documentation, commercial invoices, and traffic procedures. Emphasizes human and public relations, management of personnel, finance, and accounting procedures.

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Principles of Eyelash Extension | CSME | 1308

This course provides the student with the practical skills necessary to safely and effectively apply eyelash extensions.

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Principles of Facial / Skin Care Technology III | CSME | 2531

Advanced concepts and principles of skin care and other related technologies.

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