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Keys to Effective Communication | CEC | 7322

If you often find yourself at a loss for words or lack confidence in your communication abilities, you will appreciate this course. With the help of a patient instructor and a supportive community of your fellow students, you will work step by step through the process of becoming a great conversationalist.

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Kitchen and Bath Design | INDS | 2310

The study and application of the National Kitchen and Bath Association's Guideline and Planning Standards and Safety Criteria for residential kitchens and bathrooms including Universal Design concepts. Also includes the study and selection of kitchen and bath materials, equipment and cabinetry. Computer aided kitchen and bath design software is introduced.

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LE-Probation and Parole | CJCR | 1304

A survey of the structure, organization, and operation of probation and parole services. Emphasis on applicable state statutes and administrative guidelines.

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LINUX Installation and Configuration | ITSC | 1316

Open-source Linux operating system. Includes Linux installation, basic administration, utilities and commands, upgrading, networking, security, and application development. Emphasizes hands-on setup, administration, and management of Linux. Also covers maintaining and securing reliable Linux systems.

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LSAT Preparation Part 2 | CEC | 7440

Part 2 of this course provides an intensive review of reading comprehension and logical reasoning questions, including techniques for quick elimination of incorrect answers, explanations and interpretations of correct answers, and proven approaches for selecting the correct answers. Textbook not included.

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LSAT Preparation Part I | CEC | 7432

This course provides an overview of law school entrance procedures, a career in law, and law school survival techniques. You will also participate in an intensive review of analytical reasoning questions; including techniques for drafting the three most helpful types of diagrams, and explanations for and interpretations of correct answer choices.

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Laminated Dough , Pate a Choux and Donuts | PSTR | 1312

Focus on preparation of laminated doughs to include puff pastry, croissant, and Danish and a variety of pate a choux (eclair paste) products and donuts. Fillings and finishing techniques included.

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Land Surveying | SRVY | 1341

A study of the measurement and determination of boundaries, areas, shapes, location through traversing techniques. Instruction in a variety of adjustment methods using programmed and non-programmed hand-held calculators and computers. Methods of traversing and adjustment of errors according to prevailing and applicable professional standards.

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Landlord-Tenant Law | RELE | 1091

This course is a study of the role of a apartment leasing agents, landlord-tenant policies, tenant leases, tenant relations, maintenance, reports, habitability laws, and the Fair Housing Act.

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Landscape Business Operations | HALT | 1351

Instruction in the structure of the landscape business including cost estimation; organization; equipment needs; interpretation of financial reports; and material, labor, and equipment management. Emphasis on the types of landscape operations, marketing, legal forms, construction law, and safety.

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