Chancellor's Statement

Houston Community College continues to address sustainability and the long-term needs of the community through various partnerships with colleges and universities and by expanding its programs. The College plans to relocate and increase the size of the Katy Campus to meet the needs of the far west Houston area - our current service area - and to expand our programs to meet the growing in-demand needs for science and workforce programs, such as nursing, at the most economical cost and value to our district.

Last year, we were approached by the University of Houston to co-locate nearer to them in the West Houston-Katy area and to provide the first two years of academic programming for students attending the university. Given the needs of the growing West Houston service area, HCC has an opportunity to expand programming and sees potential growth opportunities as we continue to provide needed educational services to our service area, as well as to support our in-district needs.

Based on the expected growth in West Houston (a projected 2,000 new students annually by 2022 and over 5,000 new students annually by 2030), the current Katy Campus is at or near capacity and will not be able to meet these demands for HCC’s service area. In addition, the Katy Higher Education Task Force encouraged greater commitment from HCC to build a more comprehensive baccalaureate (2+2) program.

HCC determined that a longer-term cost-effective strategy that emphasizes student success and completion should be developed. With the support of the HCC Board of Trustees, the community and the University of Houston, the College can relocate its Katy Campus and acquire property adjacent to the University of Houston. This effort positively affects student success in several ways: it presents a seamless 2+2 transfer program arrangement, accommodates a larger facility for the growing needs for instructional delivery, and expands science facilities. In addition, co-locating to an adjacent location will foster the creativity of a campus environment and reduces the commute time for HCC students. The most economical and advantageous way to relocate our facilities is to use proceeds from the sale of the current Katy Campus, estimated value $14 million, and sell other closed identified properties (estimated value $4.8 million) to purchase the land and to design and construct a building that will meet our projected growth needs.

The following prospectus presents an overview of the current and future community needs, the project and capital plans, and the financial plan for the acquisition of property and for the design and construction funding of a new facility.

I want to thank the Board of Trustees for their insight and acceptance of the original concept as well as support to negotiate the acquisition of property adjacent to the University of Houston-Katy, as well as their continued advocacy for student success! Building capacity for the future will help HCC achieve its mission of student success, and, to that end, it will also help us achieve our important goals of 60x30TX.



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Cesar Maldonado, Ph.D., P.E.
Houston Community College