Adjunct Faculty Academy (Draft)

Welcome to the Adjunct Academy!

About the Adjunct Academy

The Adjunct Academy is a unique professional development series that immerses communities of adjunct faculty in best practices in teaching and learning, emphasizing a learner-centered pedagogy.

Learn Where You Teach or Live‌

Thanks to transformation, in fall 2016, the program expands from Northwest College to serve adjuncts where they work or live. Five or more cohorts of 20 adjuncts each—multi-disciplinary, workforce and academic—will create communities of learners. Workshops will take place Friday or Saturday mornings. Each will meet in one of the five college areas: Central/Coleman, NE, NW, SE and SW.






What is it?

In eight workshops, four in the fall and four in the spring, participants explore aspects of teaching ranging from how to create a community of learners to effective strategies in assessment, teaching style, course design, and incorporation of technology, as well as developing one’s teaching philosophy and developing a teaching demonstration.


Upon completion, graduates receive a stipend.

Rolling Admission: Join a Cohort Today!
Applications for each cohort will be accepted on a first come basis.

Core outcomes include students:

  • More engaged in learning
  • Less likely to drop from classes, and
  • More likely to become life-long learners

For the adjunct, participants also find that the Academy increases:

  • confidence in teaching ability
  • a more diversified teaching style
  • a dynamic classroom environment
  • a student’s ownership over the course material
  • motivation and invigoration in revised syllabi, instructional methods and assignments based on a student-centered pedagogy
  • a stronger awareness and connection to the HCC community

In addition, the Adjunct Academy offers a stipend to program graduates–amount TBA.

Who Can Apply?

All HCC Part-time Faculty!

The Adjunct Academy welcomes both workforce and academic part-time faculty and encourages STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and developmental faculty to apply.

Participant Testimonials

“The Adjunct Academy has been very beneficial in answering a lot of questions I’ve had all along . . . from breaking the ice on that very first day to engaging students and creating that ‘safe environment’ where they can ask questions without fear.”
~Mona Sedky, Government

“I now organize my syllabus to be more outcome-focused than instructor driven.”
~Tom Clark, Art

“I have always wanted to have a more student centered or collaborative classroom. These workshops have given me specific tools and encouragement to create that.”
~Patricia Daugherty, Anthropology







About the Workshops

Workshops are typically held every two weeks from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on either a Friday or Saturday (depending on the cohort).

Fall Semester Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Creating a Community of Learners
  • Workshop 2: Planning for Outcomes
  • Workshop 3: Active Teaching & Learning
  • Workshop 4: Moving Beyond the Classroom

Spring Semester Workshops

Workshop 5: Assessing Teaching & Learning

Workshop 6: Teaching with Technology

Workshop 7: Teaching Philosophy & Demonstration Preparation

Workshop 8: Teaching Demonstration & Graduation

Breakfast and refreshments provided.

Dynamic Delivery
Academy facilitators “walk the walk.” Steeped in the pedagogy of facilitating, rather than lecturing, instructors for the Adjunct Academy employ the ideas they teach, making workshop sessions interactive, participatory, and fun. Group work, discussions, and presentations, interspersed with videos and PowerPoint, create lively and engaging sessions.

Peer Vetted
The workshops’ content stems from a three-year project by faculty from a nationwide consortium of thirteen community colleges. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, WGBH-TV in Boston, and the League for Innovation in the Community College, the results foster the use of best practices in learning and teaching in community colleges.



Academy Graduates

Since 2009, the Adjunct Academy has graduated 90 part-time faculty from 15 academic and workforce disciplines—many of whom have earned full-time teaching positions at area colleges and universities.

Fall-Spring 2014-2015

  • Adair, Winifred, English, NW
  • Appleby, Lara, Natural Sciences-Biology, Central
  • Lambea, Mary, Developmental English, NW
  • Morris, Edmund, Physical Sciences-Engineering, NW
  • Nagy, Robin, Physical Sciences-Geology, NW
  • Newton, Hope, Business-Marketing, NW
  • Pae, Alice, Developmental English, NW
  • Ridgway, Lon, Natural Sciences-Biology, SE
  • Schaefer, Jason, English, NW
  • Travis, Lynn, Physical Sciences-Geology, NW
  • Zamanian, Ramin, History-Geography, NW
  • Zaza, Nicole, English, NW

Fall-Spring 2013-2014

  • Ameri Sianaki, Javad, Computer Science, NW
  • Ayers, Laura, Anthropology, NW
  • Bryant, Kennetra, Developmental English/Education, SE
  • Buss, Karie, English, NW
  • De Bary, Narges, Computer Science, SW
  • Famuyiwa, Idowu, Biology, NW
  • Lim, Heejin, Computer Science, NW
  • Lyon, Eva, Drafting, NW
  • Ricks, Regina, Health Sciences: HPRS, Coleman
  • Thornton, Allen, History, NW
  • Towns, Morris, Computer Science, NW
  • Ward-Barber, Kimberley, Business, NW

Fall-Spring 2012-2013

  • Cole, Amanda, English, NW124 022
  • Deolu-Sobogun, Suziat, Natural Sciences, SE
  • Edwards, Gary, Life Sciences, SW
  • Endrinal, Dominic, Developmental English, NW
  • Foster, Eva, English, NW
  • Gibson, Brenda, Economics, NW
  • Hasell, Duncan, English, NW
  • Mathew, Joseph, Biology, SW
  • Prather, Rick, Mathematics, NW
  • Saeed, Riffat, Developmental English, NW

Spring 2012

  • Afifi, Ruba, English, SW
  • Bassett, Lillian, Cosmetology, NW
  • Behmer, Leif, English, NW
  • Bonnor, Cecilia, English, NW
  • Evans, Sharon, Government, NW
  • Ferrell, Craig Jr., Government & Criminal Justice, NW
  • Hooshmand, Salma, English, NW
  • Khandekar, Vaishali, Philosophy, NW
  • Morris, Barbara, Cosmetology, NW
  • Noland, Natalia, English, NW

Spring 2011

  • Augillard, Shana
  • Chopra, Dr. Vimlarani, Biology, NW
  • Crotts, Austin, English, NW
  • Cutrer, Richard, English, NW
  • Faltesek, Don, English, NW
  • Firozgary, Mahnaaz, Cosmetology, NW
  • Franklin, Tambela. Guided Studies, NW
  • Martinez, Betty, Cosmetology, NW
  • Roberts, Jennie, Developmental English, NW
  • Roney, Lynn, English, NW
  • Simpson, Nelson, Drafting & Design Engineering, Technology, NW

Spring 2010 NW

  • Bunni, Raghid, Accounting, NW
  • Crowe, Tracey, Developmental Studies, NW
  • Ervin, Kristine, English, NW
  • LaGrone, Lynn, English, NW
  • Phanse, Shilpa, Computer Science, NW
  • Porea, John, Business Administration, NW
  • Service, Debbie, English/Journalism, NW
  • Vacca, Jennifer, English, NW

Spring 2010 SE

  • Cora L. Alexander, SE
  • Francesca Bruno, SE
  • Cynthia Cremer, Social Sciences, SE
  • Geovanni J. Fuentes, Drafting & Design Engineering, Technology, SE
  • Ivy Kaminsky, SE
  • Kelly Kinto, Government, Social Science, Teacher Education, SE
  • Mercedes Nassar, SE
  • Melissa Shelton, Government, Social Science, Teacher Education, SE

Spring 2009

  • Alyassin, Buthaina, Mathematics, NW
  • Awah, Valeria N., Developmental Studies & World Languages, NW
  • Black, Vicki L., History, NW
  • Clark, Thomas J., Art, NW
  • Cotton, William T.
  • Daugherty, Patricia S., Anthropology, Sociology, NW
  • Guillory, Patricia A., Mathematics, NW
  • Harrison, Katherine E.
  • House, Joan M.
  • Huard, Ida-Jo C., Biology, NW
  • Isaac, Sherin K.
  • Reyes, Martin, Cosmetology, SE
  • Ruiz, Carolina, English
  • Sedky, Mona, Government, Economics & Criminal Justice, NW
  • Tannous, Franjie T., Arabic-Foreign Languages, NW
  • Themeli, Sonila, English, NW
  • Whitley, Kelley A.
  • Williamson, Michael W., Mathematics, NW
  • Yousefipour, Zivar, Physical Sciences, SW



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Click here and submit your application.

When is the deadline to submit an application?

The deadline is Friday, Sept. 9 | 5:00 p.m.

Will you accept applications past the deadline?

It depends if the spots have filled or one opens up.

Who can apply?

Part-time instructors of any discipline may apply—we welcome all disciplines from STEM to the arts to workforce to developmental.

How many applicants are accepted into each cohort?

20–so apply now!

Where will the Adjunct Academy be offered / How many cohorts are there?

In the 2016-17 cycle, a total of five cohorts are available (serving 20 participants each). Each cohort will be stationed in one of the following HCC areas: Central/Coleman, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.

My time is very limited. What kind of a commitment does the Adjunct Academy require?

The Adjunct Academy spans the full 2016-17 academic year. There are eight workshops; four in the Fall and four in the Spring semesters; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; offered on either a Friday or Saturday (depending on the cohort).

What if I can only come late or leave early due to other commitments?

Please include any time restrictions in your application in the “Statement of Interest” section. These are decided on a case-by-case basis.

What if I can’t attend one of the workshops due to a conflict?

Applicants must attend at least seven of the workshops in order to be eligible for graduation, including the stipend and completion certificate.

When do I receive the stipend/ How much is the stipend?


What if I have a question that is not addressed here?

Contact the Program Director, Michael Ronan, at