ATCP - New Student Orientations (Summer)

Texas Alternative Certification Programs, or ACPs, are developed by post-secondary educational institutions along guidelines of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and oriented for bachelor’s degree holders in a subject other than education. Alternative programs follow the same standards as traditional teacher preparation programs at the post-secondary level. Alternative programs require pre-service training – program participants must complete a certain amount of coursework prior to teaching in a classroom. Per TEA, many approved alternative teacher certification programs in Texas can be completed in one year, including internship hours. Please note the teaching assignment completed by the participant must be at the grade level and in the content area of the teaching certificate for which the candidate intends to apply.

The HCC ATCP program is offered as a “non-credit” program; therefore, no semester hours are awarded. Completion of the program requires 1-2 years. Students receive a recommendation for their Texas Standard Classroom Certificate upon successful completion of all program requirements.

Steps involved in becoming a Texas certified Teacher through the HCC ATCP

  1. Decide What You to Teach and at What Level
    Decide the specific grade levels of students and subject areas you would like to teach. Consider your college major and additional training and/or knowledge you have acquired in making the determination.

  2. Meet the Screening Criteria of HCC ATCP
    HCC ATCP will advise you on the requirements such as basic skills, GPA, and demonstration of content knowledge. Some of these requirements are state-mandated and some may reflect the standards of the Program.

  3. Pursue your Certification Plan with HCC ATCP
    Following acceptance into the Program, you will meet with program staff who will advise you of the specific training courses, internship, tests, and other program requirements that you must complete.
    Please be aware that certification in some career and technical education areas may require previous experience and/or industry-specific licensure.

  4. Obtain a Teaching Position
    When HCC ATCP determines you are eligible for a teaching internship based on your progress and completion of any appropriate tests, Program staff will provide you with an eligibility statement for employment purposes. You must secure a teaching assignment at the grade level and in the subject area of your target certificate. Once you have secured a position, you will have an experienced, certified mentor assigned to work with you and additional supervision will be provided by the Program. 

  5. Apply for a Probationary Certificate
    When you have secured a teaching position for your internship, you must apply online for an intern or probationary certificate, valid for one calendar year to meet state certification rules for you and the school. You must create an online account, apply, pay any fees, and meet the requirements for a criminal background check including being finger printed. HCC ATCP must recommend you online for the appropriate certificate.

  6. Complete All Requirements for a Standard Certificate
    You must complete all program training, internship, examinations, and all other program requirements to be recommended to sit for your exams. If you do not complete all requirements within your internship year, it is sometimes possible to extend the probationary certificate for up to two years. 

  7. Apply for the Standard Certificate
    Upon completion of all requirements, you must apply for a standard certificate online. When you qualify, HCC ACTP will recommend you for the standard certificate. A criminal background check will be conducted prior to issuance of any certificate.

  8. You Are a Certified Texas Educator
    When your certificate is approved, it will be posted to the TEA website. You will be notified by email when your certificate is official.


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