One College: Uniting the Voice of HCC

Jul 8, 2020

Dear HCC Family,

During this time of transition, I recognize that you are all facing a great deal of uncertainty; uncertainty for your daily routine and uncertainty for the students looking to you for guidance. I applaud how you have adapted to all of the changes to ensure that Houston Community College’s commitment to serving our students never wavers.

The past few months have demonstrated what we can accomplish when we work together toward a common goal. It has also become clearer than ever before the need for a seamless and consistent HCC experience for our students, faculty and staff.

HCC is on the cusp of transforming the student experience. While this work has been underway, this year’s events have highlighted the true need to continue the evolution.

Members of the leadership team, from District and College campuses, have been working to identify how the institution can streamline the student experience. “One College: Uniting the Voice of HCC” is the culmination of this work and the guiding vision as we continue to move forward through evaluating and modifying business processes; creating streamlined and automated student communications; and implementing technology solutions.  

I know that this will impact the process and daily operations to which we are accustomed; even so, I encourage you all to focus on the tremendous benefits of this work for our students.

Using technological solutions mindfully will allow HCC to provide a consistent experience from the moment a student expresses interest until well beyond their graduation day - an experience that supports and motivates our students through their time at HCC, and helps create the leaders, thinkers, and citizens of tomorrow.

This effort also allows the College to modify and automate processes, and alleviate the multiple platforms used on a daily basis - giving all of you more time to do what you love: serve our students.

Over the next few weeks, the College leadership will provide updates on the progress of this work and many of you will be involved in more detailed conversations about the opportunities ahead.

As you embark on this new journey, please know that I am proud of your perseverance, dedication, and flexibility. Every member of this College is the reason why HCC is one of the top choices for our students - and for that, I extend my sincerest appreciation.



Cesar Maldonado, PH.D., P.E.


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