New STEM Vinyl Wall Art unveiled at West Houston Institute

Aug 27, 2019

pictured in group photo (l-r): Susan Thompson, program director for STEM initiatives; Dr. Butch Herod, West Houston Institute director; Carolina Linear; Dr. Zachary Hodges, president HCC Northwest


The next time you’re at the West Houston Institute, stop by the third floor and check out the vinyl wall art created by HCC Media Arts & Technology major Carolina Linear. While working as a student assistant for Susan Thompson, program director for STEM initiatives, Carolina developed the design, researched the careers included in the design, and mastered the software and skills needed to complete the project with the vinyl cutter in the IDEAStudio, The Institute’s Makerspace.

Thompson said she was impressed with the creativity, focus, and talent Carolina brought to the project.  “She is an awesome example of the unique gifts and discipline offered by our students when given the opportunity,” she said. “The STEM wall design will be an inspiration to everyone who passes through our halls for many years.”

The design was installed with the help of Thompson, Moses Tsai, Jordan Carswell, Victoria Le, and Yashika Mehta. Funding for the vinyl was provided by John Vasselli, the dean of the Engineering Center of Excellence.

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