Mexican delegation from U.S. Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program visits HCC Alief Hayes Campus

Jun 21, 2018


A delegation from Mexico visited the West Houston Institute and Alief Hayes campus as part of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program that fosters citizen-to-citizen diplomacy for emerging leaders.

Topics that the program covers range from agriculture to zoning; this program’s topic was “STEAM Education.”

The delegates were also given a tour and demonstration of the MaKr U makerspace bus that was on campus for their visit.

The program’s objectives are: to introduce new and practical, transferable ideas in STEAM education to community leaders, teachers, and educators; examine development and implementation of new STEAM programs that attract youth from at-risk and underrepresented communities; and explore mechanisms for providing concrete skills to students through innovative STEAM programs and activities that result in improved career and educational prospects.

The delegation was hosted by David Brunet of Innovation Spark.


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