Introducing the Bring Them Back Campaign

Jul 21, 2020

Dear HCC Family,

As many of you know, we are facing significant challenges for Fall 2020 enrollment. While some circumstances are out of our – and our student’s – control, we must do everything in our power to help students navigate these challenges and continue their educational journey with HCC.

In addition to the tremendous efforts of our Advising, Enrollment Services and Recruitment teams, today I am excited to announce a new initiative that will bring all of the College together to address declining enrollment and support our recruitment efforts.

The “Project: Bring Them Back” campaign is strategically designed to target students who are most likely to register and put them in direct contact with members of the HCC Family that can help them complete the process. This campaign is unique, because it won’t be Student Services representatives reaching out to these students. It will be representatives from every department we have at HCC. This is our chance to engage with students outside of our traditional roles to share why HCC is the #1 community college and the clear choice to support them in their educational goals.

To execute “Project: Bring Them Back,” I have asked my Executive Council to build teams of HCC staff members outside of the Student Services departments. These teams and other leadership will assist with the enrollment efforts by making personalized phone calls to HCC students who have not yet registered for Fall. Teams will be given a target each week until we hit our ultimate goal to not only meet, but exceed, Fall enrollment targets.

We are seeking individuals who are willing to commit 10 hours per week for approximately 5 weeks to support this effort. To volunteer for a team, please sign up via this link. Team members will receive information on next steps and training from their respective Executive Council members.

I want to thank those who will be stepping outside of their normal job responsibilities to support this initiative in advance. This campaign is the first of its kind at HCC, and your participation exemplifies what it means to be ONE College dedicated to helping our students reach their dreams.



Cesar Maldonado, Ph.D., P.E.

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