Houston woman credits HCC online with her success

Oct 2, 2018

 Like many young mothers, Victoria Lara longed for a chance to attend college, but lacked the resources for childcare. So, when Victoria learned about online classes at Houston Community College, she jumped at the opportunity to begin her college career.

“I thought to myself I have a laptop, I have wifi. I can’t go on campus, but if I have access to the internet, why not take a class or two and get started,” Victoria recalls. “I had my second child when I started taking classes at HCC. I actually had to nurse my kid while I was typing papers on the sofa in the comfort of my home.”

Victoria’s perseverance paid off. She eventually found child care, took some on-campus courses and graduated from HCC with an associate degree in communications. Her husband and parents could not have been prouder.

“I was the first in my family to earn a college degree and so it was very important for me to do it, not only for me and my children, but for my whole family,” Victoria says.

The HCC alumna then enrolled at the University of Houston and graduated in May, 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Victoria now works with her husband and parents at the family business, Impact Stone Design. She is not sure where her career will take her, but credits HCC with making a brighter future possible.

“HCC has helped me gain confidence and knowledge that I needed to start networking and to help grow my parents’ business and to show my children that education is very, very important,” Victoria says.

Margaret Ford Fisher, president of the HCC Online College, points to Victoria as a model example of what is possible for other busy adults in the Houston community.  “As Victoria’s testimonial illustrates, she was prepared academically for online courses at HCC that were convenient, affordable and transferrable,” Ford Fisher says. “HCC and the University of Houston helped Victoria to achieve her educational goals.”

HCC last week launched its new online college offering more than 30 degrees and certificates fully online. By this time next year, there will be more than 60 fully online certificates and degrees.

Victoria says she will always be thankful to HCC. “Thanks to HCC, I was able to get my education, become an active citizen, help out in my community, and earn my degree.”

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