HCC's Omega Sigma named among top 100 Phi Theta Kappa chapters

Apr 13, 2021

​Phi Theta Kappa chapter, the largest academic Honor society in the world, has recognized Houston Community College’s Omega Sigma as one of the top 100 PTK chapters in the world, among numerous other awards received this year. 

At the recently concluded PTK Catalyst International Covention, held virtually this year from April 8-10, Omega Sigma received the following honors:

Distinguished Advisor Team for Dr. Gisela Ables, Dr. Nichole Boutte-Heiniluoma, and Dr. Nick Rangel

Top 100 Chapter -PTK has over 1300 chapters internationally.

Distinguished College Project – The chapter, in collaboration with the Office of the Chancellor, completed a College Project centered around mental health, and accessibility to all HCC resources available to students. As a chapter, they Established an Online Manual for Students to Adapt to a Virtual Environment. Their project was based mainly on access to mental health resources provided by HCC, collaborating with the HCC counseling department, including lead counselor Dr. Roman Alvarez and counselor Nicole Loving, as well as suggesting ideas on how to adapt to online learning.

Distinguished Honors in Action Project - The chapters completed an Honors in Action project focused on Racial Disparities in Perceptions Towards Flu and HPV Vaccinations, collaborating with the San Jose Clinic, a Houston Non-Profit community clinic, to address disparities and misconceptions of these vaccines while also taking part in helping patients acquire access to the 2020-2021 Flu Shot at the Clinic.

Distinguished Chapter

These recognitions were in addition to a number of earlier recognitions bestowed upon the chapter by the Texas State PTK Regional organization at their annual Convention, also held virtually on March 4-6.

Among the honors received:

Horizon Award -Dr. Nick Rangel
Top Texas Chapter
Award of Merit - College Project 
Award of Merit - Honors in Action Project
Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team - for Dr. Gisela Ables, Dr. Nichole Boutte-Heiniluoma, and Dr. Nick Rangel
Hall of Honor - Dr. Nicolas Rangel, Chapter Advsor
Hall of Honor - Gerardo Rayo-Ramirez, Chapter President
Hall of Honor - Annalika Parambil, Chapter Vice-President of Service
Hall of Honor - Luis Gomez, Chapter Vice-President of Scholarship
Hall of Honor - Thanh Nguyen, Chapter Vice-President of Leadership
Hall of Honor - Emily Hoang, Chapter Vice-President of Fellowship

Dr. Ables, the longest tenured Chapter advisor and one of the most respected PTK advisors in the country, described this year’s recognition as thrilling.

For those interested in more information about Omega Sigma or PTK, please contact Dr. Rangel at nicolas.rangel@hccs.edu.  


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