HCC’s Automotive Center of Excellence offers hot summer driving tips

May 22, 2019

As the long Memorial Day weekend approaches, launching what promises to be another long, hot Texas summer, Houston Community College (HCC) can help drivers keep their cool. The HCC Automotive Center of Excellence is offering some simple travel tips for road trips to prepare their car for the heat; therefore avoiding any unpleasant vacation stories.
“The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself, as well as your car,” said Richard Hakemack,” HCC Automotive Department Chair, who recommends stocking the car with plenty water, snacks and even umbrellas but, especially, making sure child seats are securely installed to safety standards. “After all, your cargo is more important than your car.”
According to Hakemack, drivers can avoid summer car trouble and stay safe if they just follow this simple maintenance checklist before traveling:

“Windshield wipers are the most neglected maintenance item in our car, and the least expensive,” said Hakemack of the wipers and fluid. “All you have to do is go to your nearest auto parts store, and they will most likely install them for you.”
Hakemack says the summer heat can damage wipers, and drivers may not even realize it until they are faced with a heavy rainstorm in the middle of a road trip. That point drives home the all-important tip to:

Finally, comfort is key on the road; for the driver and the car. Whether checking the AC system before heading out on the highway or making a few more bathroom breaks along the way, to stretch some legs, remember that it is hot out there. Everyone—and the car—needs a little more tender loving care.

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