HCC Communications Services wins big at the NCMPR Convention

Dec 4, 2017

12042017_NCMPR Medallion Awards

Houston Community College Communication Services is celebrating a proud distinction. At the annual convention of the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations District 4, Houston Community College received 14 Medallion Awards for marketing products. According to HCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado, winning these awards represents a testament to excellence in execution.

“I am so proud of our marketing and communications team. The winning products show the passion and commitment of each individual who collaborated in their creation,” said Maldonado.

One of the entries that won gold in the brochures category was a pocket size foldable brochure called “Open Your Path to Success.” For Kenneth Holden, dean of student services at HCC Northeast College, this brochure has become a turnkey product for prospect students.

 “The reason why I believe it is so effective is because it gives individuals who want to get an associate degree a glance into the programs we offer and the locations we have,” Holden said. “I have made it a priority for our recruiters to disseminate it in all our tours and student engagement functions.”

For Brian Waddle, HCC director of creative services and lead coordinator in most winning entries, these 14 awards point to the cohesiveness within HCC Communications Services.

"We collaborated as a team on these beautiful artistic pieces,” Waddle said. “We are also working with our whole team from the different HCC colleges to make exceptional products that are relevant to students and relevant to the community.”

The winning entries were:

The awards provided the entire team an incentive to come up with innovative ways to represent the college in the future.

“We do not feel these awards are going to translate into pressure,” Waddle said. They serve the purpose of providing us with the challenge to represent our HCC brand in the highest way possible.” 

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