HCC Basic Peace Officers achieve 100 percent pass rate

Mar 7, 2016

Houston Community College (HCC) is pleased to announce the Spring 2016 graduating class of the Basic Peace Officer Academy passed the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) licensing exam at 100 percent. The seven males and two females in Class 15B have successfully completed the basic peace officer training. Class 15B represents a diverse group of students from communities across the city.

During the ceremony, Jasmin Wilson received the “Top Gun” award for her excellence in marksmanship. Wilson was the first female to receive the award in a decade. The graduating class of basic peace officers is one of three classes completing training this semester. An additional thirty-two cadets are preparing to graduate and take the TCOLE licensing exam this month, and are expected to achieve the same high pass rate.

“We are proud of the excellent work being done in the program and take pride in knowing that our students enter the workforce as highly prepared public servants,” said Northeast College President Dr. Margaret Ford Fisher. “If this graduating class is an indication of what the future holds, the basic peace officer program offered in the HCC Public Safety and Automotive Technology Center of Excellence (COE) may surpass its current exemplary status.”

Students enrolled in the Basic Peace Officer program are afforded the unique experience of training at a comprehensive public safety complex. Home to training for emergency medical services, firefighting and police, the facility has the capacity to simulate multiple first responder scenarios. All programs are equipped with emergency vehicles used in industry, state-of-the-art simulation labs, as well as outdoor training facilities that can create a real-life crisis environment.

In the law enforcement program, students have access to a premier firing range, physical training center and driving track. Law enforcement agencies from around the state also use the facilities for certification purposes, thus giving HCC students an opportunity to engage with experienced officers in the field.

“The training environment that we have created at the COE, coupled with our highly experienced faculty, has kept us at an exemplary level for all of our programs,” said COE Director Johnny Sessums.

The HCC Public Safety and Automotive Technology COE provides basic, intermediate and advanced certificates and licensing for first responder professionals, as well as training for careers in transportation. For more information, call 713.718.8300 or visit

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