HCC Adult Education launches Change Your Life for $20 campaign

Nov 20, 2017

Do you have $20? If you do, Houston Community College can change your life by putting you on the road to a fulfilling career.

A $20 application fee can turn an individual’s life around, according to Christina Robinson, HCC’s executive director of Adult Education.  “With that small fee, anyone can hop into one of our programs and come out with a workforce credential,” Robinson says.

It can take less than 12 weeks to earn a workforce certificate.  Then students can go right to work in numerous careers.   “They can find employment as A-plus certified computer technicians, certified nursing assistants, welders, just to name a few,” Robinson explains.

Robinson also says concerns over tuition should not stop prospective students. “Be it scholarships or grants, there is a wide variety of funding opportunities."

HCC also partners with employers to provide internship and job opportunities. “We are always looking for additional industry partners as well,” Robinson says. “We have a workforce career training team. We are looking for partners who may be interested in having their employees learn new skills. We can provide that for people who really need a step up.”

For more information on changing your life for $20, visit: www.hccs.edu/changemylife.

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