Psychologists explore many different topics, including the brain and behavior, learning, memory, cognition, human development, psychological disorders and their treatment, personality, and group dynamics. Psychology is a scientific discipline and therefore, students of psychology will develop a core understanding of the scientific method.

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As a student of psychology, you will discover how psychologists learn about such concepts as: bullying, hate crimes, sexuality, eyewitness memory, marriage and divorce, personality, sexual abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, shyness, prejudice, aging, posttraumatic stress disorder, psychology and the law, schizophrenia, workplace issues, suicide, death and dying, childhood obesity and parenting.


There are a number of career paths in psychology, including clinical Psychology, Family Therapy, Counseling and Education.

  • Upon completion of a graduate degree in Psychology, the median salary for a Clinical Psychologist in the Greater Houston Area is $30.40 hourly, $63,000 annually.