History is a teacher of what can be. Experience defines the possible and history recounts the centuries of experience unknowable from personal observation. It broadens each person's realm of knowledge beyond the few short years of their own lifetime and discloses the breadth and variety of humankind's endeavors. By emphasizing this wide range of cultural alternatives, it teaches that what now exists need not continue to exist in future years.

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About History

History courses include the state-mandated United States History survey courses, History 1301 and History 1302, which provide an overview of American history from the arrival of the Native Americans through the American Revolution and the Civil War to the modern era. The department also offers classes in Western Civilization (History 2311 and 2312), Texas history (History 2301) and Mexican American History (History 2328).


A degree in History can lead to career in education, research, communication, business, information management and law.

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