Financial Coach Mission Statement:

The Financial Coaching Program is committed to increasing Financial Literacy among students and empowering students to make sound financial decisions, increasing the potential for students to ultimately become financially independent, resulting in a positive impact on families and communities. Our role is to provide information and resources that connect students/individuals with programs that can be of help for a one-time financial emergency. 


Budgeting Tools

Individual Development Account (IDA) Resources

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are savings accounts where qualifying organizations match what you deposit in a savings account. You deposit $1 into your savings, and then the organization also deposits $1 into your savings to give you a total of $2. Organizations often match you up to a certain limit (ex. $5,000.00 total), and you must participate in the savings program for a specific time period (ex. 6 months) to receive the matched savings deposits. The money must be used towards a house, college expenses, or a small business. Below are organizations that offer IDA accounts in the Houston area:

Financial Resources and Tools

NameType of Assistance
Quizzle Free Credit Score
Credit Karma Free Credit Score/Debt Mgmt
Free Annual Credit Report Free Credit Score/Identity Theft
Federal Trade Commission Free Credit Score/Identity Theft
Paycheck Calculations  
Social Security Adminstration  
College research  
College research  
IRS Understanding Taxes site  
Tax forms and instructions  


Online Financial Education and Videos

Healthcare Resources

NameAddressTelephoneType of Assistance
 Harris County Health  5 Locations  713‐439‐6100  Health Clinics
 Central Civic Community  3315 Delano St.  713‐831‐9663  Health Clinics
 Central Civic Community  8610 MLK  713‐734‐0199  Health Clinics
 San Jose Clinic  301 Hamilton  713‐228‐9411  Health Clinics
Acres Home  818 Ringold St  281‐448‐6391  Health Clinics
Aldine  4755 Aldine Mall Route  281‐985‐7600  Health Clinics
Baytown  1602 Garth Rd  281‐427‐6757  Health Clinics
Casa de Amigos  1615 N. Main St.  713‐222‐2272  Health Clinics
E.A. Squatty Lyons  1712 First M20  281‐446‐4139  Health Clinics
GulfGate  7550 Office City Dr.  713‐495‐3700  Health Clinics
Martin Luther King  3601 N. MacGregor Way  713‐873‐4700  Health Clinics
Northwest  1100 West 34th St.  713‐861‐3939  Health Clinics
Settegast  9105 North Wayside Dr.  713‐663‐2020  Health Clinics
Strawberry  927 E. Shaw Rd.  713‐982‐5900  Health Clinics
Ben Taub  1504 Taub Loop  713‐873‐2000  Hospital
Lyndon B. Johnson  5656 Kelly St.  713‐566‐5000  Hospital
V.A.  2002 Holcomb  713‐791‐1414  Hospital
Council on Alcohol and Drugs    713‐942‐4100  Chemical Dependency
Alcoholics Anonymous    713‐686‐6300  Chemical Dependency
Narcotics Anonymous    713‐661‐4200  Chemical Dependency
Cenikor Foundation  4525 Glenwood Ave  281‐476‐0088  Chemical Dependency
Center for Success & Independence    713‐426‐4545  Chemical Dependency
Riverside General Hosiptal  4514 Lyons  713‐334‐2500  Chemical Dependency
Career & Recovery  2525 San Jancinto  713‐754‐7000  Chemical Dependency
Aids Foundation of Houston 3202 Wesleyan 713‐623‐6796 HIV Services
Legacy Community Health 215 Westheimer 713‐830‐3000 HIV Services
Thomas Street Clinic 2015 Thomas St. 713‐873‐4000 HIV Services
Montrose Counseling Ctr. 401 Branard 713‐529‐0037 HIV Services
AAMA 204 Clifton 713‐926‐9491 HIV Services

Housing/Shelter Resources

NameAddressTelephoneType of Assistance
Coalition for the Homeless 600 Jefferson St #2050  713-739-7514 Housing
 Harris County Housing Authority 8933 Interchange Dr  713-578-2100 Housing
 City of Houston Housing Authority (Sec8)    713-260-0600 Housing
 Baytown Housing Authority (Sec8)    281-427-6686 Housing
New Hope Housing (SRO)   713-222-0290 Housing
1414 Congress (SRO)   713-224-1414 Housing
Canal Street Apartments (SRO)   713-224-2827  Housing
DeGeorge at Union Station-Veteran's   713-224-1418 Housing
Midtown Terrace-Veteran's    832-203-1626  Housing
Hamilton Street (SRO)   713-223-1995 Housing
Harmony House 602 Girard 713-223-8104 Housing
Jensen Plaza Apartments (SRO)   713-697-4600 Housing
Jackson Hinds Gardens (SRO)   713-697-7711 Housing
Northline (SRO)   713-694-4100 Housing
Temenos   713-659-3237 Housing
YMCA 2600 North Loop West  713-758-9100  Housing
Jane Cizik Garden Place    713-328-1976  Housing
Star of Hope 1811 Ruiz   Shelter/Men
Salvation Army 2407 N. Main ST 713-224-2875 Shelter/Men
Magnificant House 3209 Austin St 713-529-4232 Shelter/Men
Modest Family Health 1008 Danube  713-733-2458  Shelter/Men
Center for Empower 5609 E.Mount Houston  281-449-0994  Shelter/Men,Women,Families
Bay Area Homeless 3406 Wisconsin 281-837-1654 Shelter/Men,Women,Families
Family Promise  2723 Lilac  281-991-1084 Shelter/Men,Women,Families
Family Promise   1207 Thompson  936-441-8778 Shelter/Men,Women,Families
Salvation Army   304 Avenue E  936-760-2440 Shelter/Men,Women,Families
Star of Hope Family  419 Dowling  713-222-2220 Shelter/Men,Women,Families
Loaves & Fishes  2009 Congress  713‐224‐1373 Shelter/Women 
Modest Family Health 1008 Danube 713‐733‐2458  Shelter/Women
Mary's Miracles 6207 Hirsch Rd 866‐801‐8205  Shelter/Women
Mission of Yahweh 10247 Algiers 713‐466‐4785  Shelter/Women & Children
Gracewood    713‐988‐9857  Shelter/Women & Children
Madge Bush 3410 Drew Street  713‐652‐3830  Shelter/Women & Children
The Women's House 607 Westheimer Rd  713‐521‐3150  Shelter/Women & Children,
Addiction, Abuse, Mental Illness
Salvation Army 160 McGowen  713‐650‐6530 Shelter/Women & Children 
Star of Hope Family 419 Dowling 713‐222‐2220 Shelter/Women & Children 
Houston Area Women's Center   713‐528‐2121   Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
Bridge Over Troubled Waters   713‐473‐2801  Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
Family Time Foundation   281‐446‐2615   Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
Fort Bend Women's Ctr.   281‐342‐4357  Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
Montgomery County Women's Ctr.    281‐292‐4155  Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
 Montrose Counseling Ctr.    713‐529‐0037  Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
Turning Point 1701 Jacquelyn  713‐957‐0099  Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
New Horizon Family Ctr.    281‐424‐3300  Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children
Yahweh's House of Houston    281‐608‐6440  Shelter‐Battered/Women & Children

Basic Living Emergency Assistance

NameAddressTelephoneType of Assistance
 Wesley Community Ctr  1410 Lee St.  713‐821‐8911  Family Services
 C.A.R.E Community Assi. Reliant Energy  9418 Jensen  713‐696‐7900  Rental/Utility/Mortgage
United Way/Thrive 50 Waugh Dr. 211/877‐541‐7905  Family Services
Catholic Charities 2900 Louisiana 713‐874‐6561  Family Services/Rent/Utilities
Santa Maria Hostel 2005 Jacquelyn St. 713‐957‐2413  
Lift‐Up, City Of Houston 4200 Leeland 713‐371‐1043  
Avance 4503 Mangum Rd. 713‐686‐5228  
WorkFaith Connection 10120 Northwest Frwy 713‐984‐9611  
Care For Elders‐Sheltering Arms 3838 Aberdeen Way 713‐685‐6595  
Family Services of Greater Houston 4625 Lillian 713‐867‐7740  
Depelchin Children's Ctr. 4950 Memorial 713‐802‐6342  
Consolidated Communcations   866‐989‐2255  Utility
Harris County Social Services    713‐696‐7900 Rental/Utility/Gas/Water 
 Society of St. Vincent de Paul    713‐741‐8234  Rental/Utility
Salvation Army Social Services   713‐752‐0868  Rental/Utility/Gas/Water
Northwest Assistance Ministries 15555 Kuykendahl 281‐583‐5600  Utility/Gas/Water/Family
Neighborhood Ctr. 6225 Northdale 713‐665‐3600  Utility/Family
City Wide Club 4101 San Jacinto 713‐752‐2582  Utility/Family
Houston Area Urban League  


Chinese Community Center 9800 Town Park English 281‐822‐0263
Chinese 281‐822‐0265
Vietnamese 281‐822‐0264
Christian Community Service Ctr.   713‐871‐9741  Rental/Utility
City Fellowship Church Christian Rescue Mission 3230 Hadley 713‐659‐7750  Rent/Utility/Food
Comprehensive Energy Assistance Prog (CEAP)   211/713‐957‐4357  Utility for seniors(60+) w/disability
First Baptist Church 8009 Long Point 713‐957‐5863  Rent/Food/Mortgage/Prescriptions
Hester House 2020 Solo 713‐672‐2573  Rent/Food/Utility
Humble Area Ministries 1302 First Street 281‐446‐3663  Rent/Food/Utility
Harris County Area of Aging Agency   832‐393‐4301  Home Repair
City Of Houston Home Repair   713‐522‐4663  Home Repair
Red Cross Home Repair   713‐526‐8300  Home Repair
Harris County   713‐578‐2059  Home Repair
Habitat Humanity ReStore   713‐643‐1100  Home Repair

Veteran's Assistance

 US Vets at the DeGeorge 1418 Preston  713-229-8122
 US Veteran's at Midtown  4640 Main Street  832-203-1626
 V.A. Hospital  2002 Holcombe  713-791-1414
 Salvation A Harbor Light  2407 N. Main St.  713-224-9200

Employment Services

Workforce Solutions  2505 Fannin 713-374-3200
Career & Recovery 2525 San Jacinto   713-754-7000
Compass 1212 Prairie 713-229-8319
Operation ID 5100 Travis St. 281-833-3508
Harris County Vital Statistics 1001 Preston 713-755-6438
Bureau of Vital Statistics 8000 N. Stadium Dr. 713-247-1686
TX Dept. Of Public Safety 3502 Dover 713-943-0725


"Hello Laura,
I wanted to let you know how things were going.  I met with Samantha and her associate at the Wesley House on Friday.  They were both very helpful and kind.  I was able to receive a $500 grant that would be used for my rent.  I took the pledge letter with me to the apartment manager on Monday.  She was very receptive and grateful as well.  In other evictions!!!
Thank you so much for referring me to Samantha and the Wesley House.  If it were not for people like you and Samantha, I don't know how I could have made it. You were certainly an answer to a specific prayer and need for me.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and just know that you are one of my "thankful for's" at Thanksgiving!
Kelly Kistler"

"FAFSA Volunteers – I hope you had a GREAT weekend!  This past Saturday was the last FAFSA/TASFA Workshop for the year and we had a total of 68 families served over the four events!  The majority of these families made it all the way to submitting the application.  We could not have done it without your help!  THANK YOU!!!" -Terry L. Sheneman, Ed.D., MAC, LPC, College & Career Readiness Coordinator, Fort Bend ISD

"Thanks for your presentation last night. Students are letting me know they enjoy it. I appreciate you graciously accepted to present. Thanks for the opportunity to inform students of all the resources HCC can provide them. Sincerely, ,Helen Ortiz" Manager Business Affairs, Houston Community College-Central Campus