Physical Education

Physical Education

About the Program

The Physical Education and Health Program offers activities, life skills and health classes that are designed to prepare individuals to establish and maintain healthy life styles.

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AREA OF STUDY: Liberal Arts, Humanities & Education


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The Associate in Arts (AA), the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), and the Associate in Science (AS) degrees  can give you a good start before transferring to a four-year university.

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Program Outcomes



Students will perform physical skills to improve and enhance cardio-respiratory, strength, endurance, flexibility, and/or balance as measured with a departmental field exam.


Students will develop broad content knowledge within the discipline of health/physical education associated with good health management, health risks and/or disease prevention.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic safety/emergency procedures.


Conduct a personal wellness appraisal and utilize data results to determine potential health impacts and appropriate intervention activities.

Program Information

About Physical Education and Health

Classes are offered to our students to help improve their health and physical well-being as well as to give them goals for their future development of mind and body.


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