Testing Locations, Dates, and Times for the Current Semester

Testing Locations

(Not all classes test on campus, check your syllabus for the testing schedule)

Central Campus - San Jacinto Building. - 1300 Holman Houston, Tx 77004 - 1st Floor
Exam times: 4:00 PM -9:00 PM Last Admit 7:00pm

Spring Branch Campus - 1010 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N Houston, TX 77043
Exam times: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Last Admit 1:00pm

Eastside Campus - 6815 Rustic Houston, Tx  77087 3rd floor (Workforce Building)
Exam times: 10:00 AM -3:00 PM Last Admit 1:00pm

HCC Online testing location questions may be emailed to HCC Online

You have the option to take your exam at any of these times and on any of these days during that designated weekend. There is a two hour time limit for each exam.  Under no circumstance will any student have unlimited time for testing.  Do not bring children to the testing campus.

If you are taking more than one course: We strongly recommend that you take only one test per day. However, if you must take more than one test per day, please note these two (2) things:

  1. You can only pick up one test at a time and you must pick up your last test no later than the last admittance time.

  2. This means that you must be aware of the time and allow yourself an equal amount of time for each exam.  You must pick up the second exam by 7:00 pm on Fridays, and by 1:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  The testing aides will not remind you to do so or issue exams after these times for anyone, even if you have what you believe to be a perfectly good excuse as to why you are late (flat tire, emergency, etc.).

A picture ID (driver's license or HCCS ID) is required before you will be allowed to test.


Do not bring books unless otherwise noted by instructor

Phones and pagers must be turned off and put away in the testing location

Do not bring children to testing