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HCC and Clements Inventors Club hosts two-day Inventathon

By Office of Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Apr 18, 2017

Houston Community College and Clements Inventors Club hosted a two-day hackathon event called Inventathon@HCC.

The program called for rapid prototyping inventions to improve human quality of life in the areas of education and skills, alleviating poverty, community well-being, and economic advancement. The event was attended by over 150 attendees, with 120 high school (few middle school) & dual credit college students from six schools participating in the hackathon. Local business club groups such as TiE Houston, ITTAGH, and Good Works Houston gathered 11 mentors, who stay more than three hours to support idea generation and validation. HCC COE Advanced Manufacturing at HCC Stafford provided the space and tools to host the program. 



Program Judges:

Event Sponsors:

Hackathon Results:

1st Place of $500 Cash award to Team Incognito
Names: Adarsha Pokkulandra, Kenneth Mitra, Ryan Mendoza, Masayuki Muguruma, & Karim Karim

Project Title: Zeolytics Energy System
The objective of our project was to provide a more reliable and renewable system of generating heat and electricity for people in 3rd world countries such as in Africa. The system called the ZES or Zeolytic Energy System uses the mineral zeolite to store 4 times as much heat as water. The zeolite can be recharged through drying and thus can be reused for months at a time. What we dreamed of was an all-in-one system to alleviate the conditions of disadvantaged populations with this inexpensive system. In the end, we built a proof of concept prototype that demonstrates the mechanics of a ZES. Beyond Inventathon, we plan to improve on our design by adding features and building on a larger scale.  Presentation can be seen here

2nd Place of $250.00 to  Individual Submission:  The Stock Game
Name: Nathan Reddy

Project Title:  The Stock Game
As a high school junior and someone who was always curious about how the world works, the Stock Market has always fascinated me. However, like many people, I found it hard to learn, I never had the money to start investing - due in part to me being a student, and if I did have the money I would not want to risk it. What I needed was a place in which I could learn investing, risk-free, in a free and competitive environment. When I was trying to learn the stock market 2 years ago the only apps I found were obviously for profit money grabs or were too complex for the starter. This is why, for these 2 days I took it upon myself to code this risk-free, nonprofit website called TheStockGame to help students achieve exactly what I wanted.  Presentation can be seen here | See a demo of the website

3rd Place of $150.00 to Team Archmotion
Name: Sidharth Nayak, Ansh Roy, & Ali Shirazi

Project Title: Solarch
Our hack is meant to improve the effectiveness of solar panels. It uses light sensors to find the strongest source of light and will turn the panel to face it. We wanted to create something that would allow for renewable energies, like solar, to be more efficient, helping them to become a larger component of our energy needs. Our stand helps to maximize the energy intake of each panel, allowing it to be more effective in its energy production. As technology improves, the motor and the panel will become more efficient, allowing for lower losses and greater gains due to the movement. Also, the motor and panel we used are not perfect representations of what would be used in the industry. 

Honorable Mention of a Chipotle Gift Card to Team Archimemes
Names: Sarah Fung, Matthew Milad, Keshav Ram, Kangrui Xue, & Michael Zhang

Project Title: Archimemes - An innovative spin
Archimeme focuses on increasing efficiency in the common household by harnessing energy that would normally be wasted. It can be extended across several different applications, all of which allowing for increased conservation of resources, a necessity in today's society. Every time we take a shower, wash our hands, brush our teeth, or even flush the toilet, water somewhere in our house is traveling down. In science words, we would say gravitational potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. In normal words, we would say free energy is there for the taking. Archimeme works to harness this hydro energy in the form of a small turbine wheel or Archimedes screw. It can also be utilized in a wind application, perhaps in an air conditioning outflow or even a mini wind turbine on roofs for wind. In summary, Archimemes can help the common person save and conserve energy on the most basic levels. Step by step, watt by watt, we can all directly help make our world a cleaner, better place. Presentation can be seen here

Other Finalist submissions:

Review 20 submissions:

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