Computer Systems Networking - Cyber Security - AAS

Computer Systems Networking - Cyber Security - AAS

The goal of the Network Systems and Cyber Security is to train and educate students in the various technical areas associated with Computer Network Operations that encompasses Computer Network Defense, Computer Network Exploitation, and Computer Network Attacks. NOTE: ITNW 1380 Cooperative Education - Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications is the Capstone Course for this award.


Semester 1
EDUC 1300 Learning Framework 3
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
MATH 1314 College Algebra 3
BCIS 1305 Computer Business Applications OR
ITMT 1358 Windows Client Operating System 3
ITSC 1307 UNIX Operating System I 3
Semester 2
Elective Elective Humanities/Fine Arts/General Education Elective 3
Elective Elective Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective 3
ITNW 1425 Fundamentals of Networking Technologies OR
ITCC 1414 CCNA 1: Introduction to Networks 4
ITSY 1342 Information Technology Security 3
COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals 4
Semester 3
ITMT 1357 Administering a Windows Server Operating System 3


Semester 1
Elective Elective Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective 3
ITNW 1313 Computer Virtualization 3
ITSY 2401 Firewalls and Network Security 4
ITSY 2330 Intrusion Detection 3
Semester 2
ITSY 2443 Computer System Forensics 4
ITSY 1491 Special Topics in Computer Systems Network & Telecommunications 4
ITSY 2471 Cyber Competitions (#Capstone Course) 4
Semester 3

**Capstone Statement
A capstone course is a course designed to provide opportunities for students to integrate knowledge from their core and concentration courses, to gain insight into the meanings of professionalism and professional practice, and to reflect on the norms of a discipline or profession.

General Education Electives for Workforce Programs

Humanities/Fine Arts

Note: English Composition, Creative Writing, Studio Arts and Speech courses do not satisfy this requirement. Beginning Foreign Language courses taken in 2017-2018 will count toward core requirements.

ARAB 1411*ARAB 1412*
ARTS 1301ARTS 1303ARTS 1304
CHIN 1411*CHIN 1412*
COMM 2366*
DANC 2303
DRAM 1310DRAM 1351, DRAM 2366*
ENGL 2322ENGL 2323ENGL 2327ENGL 2328ENGL 2332ENGL 2333ENGL 2342ENGL 2343ENGL 2351
FREN 1411*FREN 1412*
GERM 1411*GERM 1412*
HIST 1301HIST 1302HIST 2301HIST 2311HIST 2312HIST 2321*HIST 2322*, HIST 2327HIST 2328*HIST 2381
HUMA 1301HUMA 1305HUMA 1311*HUMA 2319HUMA 2323
JAPN 1411*JAPN 1412*
KORE 1411*KORE 1412*
MUSI 1306MUSI 1310
PHIL 1301PHIL 1304PHIL 2306PHIL 2307PHIL 2316
SPAN 1411SPAN 1412