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Fundamentals of Baking | PSTR | 1301

Fundamentals of baking including dough, quick breads, pies, cakes, cookies, tarts, and doughnuts. Instruction in flours, fillings, and ingredients. Topics include baking terminology, tool and equipment use, formula conversions, functions of ingredients, and the evaluation of baked products.

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Fundamentals of Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Machine Controls | MCHN | 2303

An introduction to G and M codes (RS274-D) necessary to program Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines.

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Fundamentals of Cosmetology | CSME | 1405

A course in the basic fundamentals of cosmetology. Topics include safety and sanitation, service preparation, manicure, facial, chemical services, shampoo, haircut, wet styling, and comb out.

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Fundamentals of Criminal Law | CRIJ | 1310

Study of criminal law, its philosophical and historical development, major definitions and concepts, classifications and elements of crime, penalties using Texas statutes as illustrations, and criminal responsibility. Designated as Criminal Justice Transfer Curriculum.

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Fundamentals of Environmental Issues | RELE | 1329

A study of environmental issues affecting the real estate industry including hazardous substances, underground storage tanks, wetlands, radon, asbestos, lead, endangered species protection, sick building syndrome and electromagnetic fields.

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Fundamentals of Fire Protection | FIRT | 1301

Orientation to the fire service, career opportunities, related fields.

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Fundamentals of Grammar and Composition I | ENGL | 300

A refresher course devoted to improving basic English skills for native speakers. (NOTE: Instead of ENGL 0300, non-native speakers must refer to ENGL 0340-0349 or ESOL 0341-0356). Emphasizes grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph development through essay writing.

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Fundamentals of Grammar and Composition II | ENGL | 310

A course designed to prepare students for ENGL 1301. Students will ordinarily proceed to ENGL 0310 after taking ENGL 0300. Some students may, however, test directly into ENGL 0310 (ENGL 0300 is not a prerequisite for ENGL 0310). ENGL 0310 provides a basic review of the principles of grammar, usage and mechanics and utilizes the writing process to teach the students to write short essays (350-500 words).

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Fundamentals of Information Security | ITSY | 1300

An introduction to information security including vocabulary and terminology, ethics, the legal environment, and risk management. Identification of exposures and vulnerabilities and appropriate countermeasures are addressed. The importance of appropriate planning, policies and controls is also discussed.

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Fundamentals of Interior Design | INDS | 1311

An introduction to the elements and principles of design, the interior design profession, and the interior design problem-solving process.

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