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Foundations of Mathematics | MATH | 409

Topics include real numbers, proportions, descriptive statistics, basic geometry, polynomials, factoring, linear equations, inequalities, linear models, percentage models, order of operations, set operations, and an introduction to other models which may include exponential, quadratic and/or rational models. quadratic equations and rational expressions. A departmental final examination must be passed with a score of 60% or more in order to pas s the course.

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Foundations of the US Air Force I | AFSC | 1201

Overall roles and missions of the USAF; career fields available. Emphasis on military customs and courtesies, appearance standards, core values, written and personal communication. Introduction to American military History, Civilization, . Cooperative program with the University of Houston Air Force ROTC department.

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Foundations of the US Air Force II | AFSC | 1202

Continuation of AFSC 1201. Cooperative program with the University of Houston Air Force ROTC department.

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Franchises | MRKG | 2378

Franchising is a comprehensive course that explores all aspects of utilizing the franchise model for developing a new venture. The pros and cons of the franchising model are explored. The financial requirements and risks, the legal pitfalls and obligations of franchises, and the process for expanding into franchises (for both franchisee and franchisor) are explored.

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French Diction | MUSI | 2161

Study of phonetic sounds of French to promote ability to sing the language. Open to all vocal students. May be repeated.

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Freshman Dance Performance (Inactivate Fall 2017) | DANC | 1351

Instruction in dance performance through experiential projects at the freshman level. May be repeated for credit once.

Front Office Procedures | HAMG | 1313

A study of the flow of activities and functions in today?s lodging operation. Topics include a comparison of manual, machine assisted, and computer based methods for each front line function.

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Functional Anatomy | PTHA | 1413

The relationship of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems to normal and abnormal movement.

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Functional Histology II | HLAB | 1346

A continuation of Functional Histology I. Emphasis on the recognition, composition, and function of organ systems. Includes skeletal tissues, central nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine glands, and reproductive system.

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Functional Histotechnology I | HLAB | 1305

Recognition, composition, and function of cells, cell life cycles, blood, and basic tissue types.

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