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Fashion Advertising | FSHN | 2307

General principles and practices of fashion advertising and consumer directed communication. A study of persuasive media approaches for public relations induced publicity and advertising produced sales promotions.

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Fashion Buying | FSHN | 2303

Fundamentals of fashion buying with instruction in planning, pricing, and purchasing retail fashion inventories. Identification of wholesale merchandise resources.

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Fashion Collection Design | FSHD | 2343

Advanced concepts in designing a collection of marketable apparel. Instruction in developing a design work board for a specific target market and selecting the most marketable ideas for the collection. Projects in resource development, fabric selection, estimating wholesale costs and initial pattern and garment production.

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Fashion Collection Production | FSHD | 2344

A continuation of the Fashion Collection Design course. Emphasis on the production, costing and marketing of a cohesive collection of fashion apparel. Instruction in completing production patterns for all collection garments.

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Fashion History, Civilization, | FSHD | 1311

Survey of the evolution of fashion change traced through garment development from ancient times to present day. A study of customs and silhouettes of each historical period and their modern day adaptations. Examination of twentieth century fashion designers.

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Fashion Image | FSHN | 2309

Instruction in the techniques used to analyze the fashion image of individual clients. Emphasis on personal coloring, color harmonies, appropriate fabric textures, body proportion and silhouette, figure, facial and hair analysis, and wardrobe coordination. Study of fashion image consultant business practices and job qualifications.

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Fashion Promotion | FSHN | 2301

A survey of fashion direction, publicity and fashion event coordination. Emphasis on fashion show production from idea to runway, including theme development, stage/set design, choreography, music coordination, lighting, lineup, model fittings, rehearsal and press kit development.

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Fashion Retailing | FSHN | 2305

An overview of fashion retailing procedures used in various types of retail fashion companies. A study of profit and loss, pricing, markup, inventory control, shortages, forecasting, store organization, and events. Examination of the wide variety of job opportunities available in the retail fashion industry.

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Fashion Selling | FSHN | 1320

Examination of selling techniques for fashion apparel and accessories in retail and wholesale settings. Identification of buying motives, sales psychology, customer approach and closure. Instruction in product analysis, building a regular clientele, developing a fashion vocabulary and training and motivating a sales staff.

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Fashion Sketching | FSHD | 1322

Fundamentals of quick sketching to communicate design ideas. Instruction in drawing the male and female fashion figure. Emphasis on simple methods for making quick sketches to illustrate style information.

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