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Electronic Medical Record Documentation for Scribes | MDCA | 1372

This course addresses the basics of history and physical documentation in the electronic medical record. Provides practical application utilizing dictation and/or activities developed for the scribe industry in an ambulatory care setting. Topics include fundamentals of the Electronic Medical Record related to billing and coding. The course prepares students for hands-on skills of medical scribing.

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Electronic Medical Records | HITT | 1011

Gain the ability to define operational and strategic objectives for electronic medical records management. Emphasis is placed upon understanding the hardware and software for proper utilization of processed patient information for management purposes. Experience comprehensive training in the new field of the electronic medical record, and hands-on practice with demo versions of electronic medical software.

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Elementary Statistical Methods | MATH | 1342

Topics include histograms, probability, binomial and normal distributions and their applications, correlation and prediction, and tests of statistical hypotheses. Core Curriculum Course. Students who have completed MATH 1342 successfully should NOT take MATH 1442. Students will Not receive credit for both MATH 1342 and MATH 1442. Core curriculum course

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Emergency Medical Services Certification for Health Care Professionals | EMSP | 2553

An equivalency course for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) certification under Texas Administrative Code for EMS Personnel Certification.

Emergency Medical Services Research | EMSP | 2252

Primary and/or secondary research in current and emerging issues in EMS. Basic research principles, scientific inquiry, and interpretation of professional literature are emphasized.

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Emergency Medical Technician - Basic | EMSP | 1501

Preparation for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)-Basic. Includes all the skills necessary to provide emergency medical care at a basic life support level with an emergency service or other specialized services..

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Emergency Pharmacology | EMSP | 2306

A study of drug classifications, actions, therapeutic uses, adverse effects, routes of administration, and calculation of dosages.

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Emergent Literacy for Early Childhood | CDEC | 1356

An exploration of principles, methods, and materials for teaching young children language and literacy through a play-based, integrated curriculum.

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Emerging Game Technology | GAME | 2372

Explore significant developments within the gaming and simulation field. Research emerging technologies and systems recently developed in the gaming and simulation industry.

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Employee Relations | HRPO | 1091

This course is an examination of employee relations policies, practices, and issues required to build strong employee relations. Topics include communication, employee conduct rules, etc.

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