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Differentiated Instruction & Response to Intervention | CEC | 1041

Learn how to combine two powerful educational approaches--Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention--so you can enable very student in your classroom to succeed

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Digital Applications | CETT | 1415

An investigation of combinational and sequential logic elements and circuits with emphasis on design and troubleshooting of combinational and sequential circuits.

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Digital Arts I | ARTS | 2348

Studio art course that explores the potential of the computer hardware and software medium for their visual, conceptual, and practical uses in the visual arts. This course introduces the student to Photoshop and will focus on manipulating images within a digital environment. Students will demonstrate the ability to critically talk about how digital manipulations affect interpretations of photographic imagery, in relationship to social, political and historical terms, as well as examine and explore the role of Digital Media in our changing visual culture.

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Digital Arts II | ARTS | 2349

This studio art course builds upon the skills learned in Digital Arts I. Emphasis will be upon further media experimentation and development of a personal style. Digital Arts I is a prerequisite for Digital Arts II.

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Digital Fundamentals | CETT | 1425

An entry level course in digital electronics to include numbering systems, logic gates, Boolean algebra, and combinational logic.

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Digital Imaging I (Photoshop ) | ARTC | 1302

Digital imaging using raster image editing and/or image creation software: scanning, resolution, file formats, output devices, color systems, and image-acquisitions.

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Digital Imaging II for Photographers | PHTC | 2349

Advanced concepts in the use of the computer and software for photographic manipulation and output.

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Digital Imaging II | ARTC | 2305

Principles of digital image processing and electronic painting. Emphasis on bit-mapped or raster-based image marking and the creative aspects of electronic illustration for commercial or fine art applications.

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Digital Media Courseware Development II | IMED | 1305

Instruction in courseware development. Topics include interactivity, branching, navigation, evaluation techniques and interface/information design using industry standard authoring software.

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Digital Media Programming | IMED | 2351

Advanced topics in digital media programming including custom scripts for data tracking. Emphasis on developing digital media programs customized to the client's needs.

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