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Dental Hygiene Care II | DHYG | 2231

A continuation of Contemporary Dental Hygiene Care I. Dental hygiene care for the medically or dentally compromised patient including advanced instrumentation techniques.

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Dental Materials | DHYG | 1319

Physical and chemical properties of dental materials including the application and manipulation of the various materials used in dentistry.

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Dental Materials | DNTA | 1401

Composition, properties, procedures and safety standards related to dental materials.

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Dental Office Management | DNTA | 1351

Use computers and or manual systems to process dental information and interpret and practice learned dental office management skills.

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Dental Radiology in the Clinic | DNTA | 1349

The practical application of exposing, processing, and mounting diagnostically acceptable radiographs obtained by utilizing various radiographic techniques.

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Dental Radiology | DHYG | 1304

Radiation physics, biology, hygiene, and safety theories with an emphasis on the fundamentals of oral radiographic techniques and interpretation of radiographs. Includes exposure of intra-oral radiographs, quality assurance, radiographic interpretation, patient selection criteria, and other ancillary radiographic techniques.

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Dental Radiology | DNTA | 1305

Introduction to radiation physics, radiation protection, and the operation of radiographic equipment. Instruction in exposure, processing and mounting of dental radiographs, and study of federal and state safety and standard practices.

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Dental Science | DNTA | 1411

A fundamental study of anatomical systems with emphasis placed on head and neck anatomy. Topics include embryology of the teeth along with basic dental terminology.

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Descriptive Geometry | DFTG | 2317

Graphical solutions to problems involving points, lines, and planes in space.

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Design Communication I | ARTC | 1317

Study of design development relating to graphic design terminology, tools and media,and layout and design concepts. Topics include integration of type, images and other design elements, and developing computer skills in industry standard computer programs.

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