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Creativity and Innovation | MRKG | 2370

Creativity and Innovation will introduce the concepts of creativity and how those concepts spur innovation and the economy. Processes for the development of individual and organizational creativity will be covered as well as importance of innovation in economic communities, strategies for systematic development of innovative products/services/ideas, and topics related to using innovation in marketing to create demand, drive growth and build new industries.

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Crime in America | CRIJ | 1307

American crime problems in historical perspective, social and public policy factors affecting crime, impact and crime trends, social characteristics of specific crimes, and prevention of crime.

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Criminal Investigation | CRIJ | 2314

Investigative theory; collection and preservation of evidence; sources of information; interview and interrogation; uses of forensic sciences; case and trial preparation.

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Criminal Law and Procedure | LGLA | 2313

This course introduces the criminal justice system including procedures from arrest to final disposition, principles of federal and state law, and the preparation of pleadings and motions.

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Criminology | SOCI | 2336

An analysis of the social dimensions of crime as a form of deviant behavior; the nature and extent of crime; classic and modern theories; the role of the police and the courts, group and community oriented programs, with an evaluation of prevention, control, and treatment programs. This course satisfies the Social and Behavioral Sciences or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Critical Care Monitoring | RSPT | 2255

Advanced monitoring techniques used to assess a patient in the critical care setting.

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Cultural Anthropology | ANTH | 2351

This course focuses on culture, the ways people live and give meaning, form and organization to their lives as they adapt to various environments and conditions both in and beyond the borders of the U.S. Study of the descriptions and analysis of cultural diversity provide the basis for evaluating cultural components of everyday life including recognition of ethnocentrism, intercultural communication and understanding local and ?global? culture in a multicultural and transforming world. Core Curriculum Course.

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Current Concepts in Physical Therapy | PTHA | 2250

Current concepts, skills, and knowledge in the provision of physical therapy services. Includes enhancement of professional development.

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Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs | CDEC | 1313

A study of the fundamentals of curriculum design and implementation in developmentally appropriate programs for children.

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Custom Patterns | FSHD | 1332

Skill development in taking body measurements. Instruction in developing custom fittings for customized patterns. In depth coverage of the process of transferring a custom body fitted canvas to a basic dress form and padding it for custom sizing.

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