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Commercial Class Piano | MUSP | 2203

Development of keyboard skills for commercial music majors including blues progressions and scales, model harmony, and extensive use of the ii-V7-I progression with appropriate keyboard voicing.

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Commercial Design I | INDS | 1345

A study of design principles applied to furniture layout and space planning for commercial interiors.

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Commercial Design II | INDS | 2331

Advanced concepts of specialized commercial interior design projects, including hospitality, corporate, retail, health care, institutional or other specialized commercial design projects.

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Commercial Insurance | INSR | 1301

Introduction to personal loss exposures and personal insurance policies for handling these exposures including auto, homeowners, life, health, marine, and various government insurance programs. Describe the types of property loss exposures, the financial consequences of a property loss, and the insurance available for each; describe liability loss exposures and the insurance available for these losses; describe human loss exposures and the life, health, and disability insurance available; and identify covered losses and calculate the amount of insurance payable in various situations. This course helps prepare for the Insurance (INS) 22 exam.

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Commercial Lending | BNKG | 1349

Overview of the commercial lending market and process with an emphasis on credit analysis, evaluation, federal regulation, and state laws related to business and industrial lending.

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Commercial Music Arranging and Composition | MUSC | 2230

Presentation of arranging and composition for projects in industry recognized genres including song writing, show writing, video, and film.

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Commercial Music Software | MUSC | 1335

Specialized training in commercial music software applications. This course includes integration of computer-based hardware and software with an emphasis on the utilization of DAW (digital audio workstation) technology in the professional studio environment.

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Commercial Plumbing I | PFPB | 1319

Skills, procedures, and techniques used in the installation of water supply systems and drain, waste, and vent (DWV) systems in commercial buildings.

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Commercial Recording Techniques | RTVB | 2343

Student will operate audio production and editing equipment, coordinate and direct music production projects from booking to post-production, and characterize the music industry and surrounding labor market. This class provides a capstone experience during which the student will use all of the skills acquired throughout this program. Students are required to attend additional lab hours outside of class.

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Commercial Refrigeration | HART | 2342

Theory of and practical application in the maintenance of commercial refrigeration; medium and low temperature applications and ice machines.

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