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Accounting Fundamentals II | CEC | 9812

In Accounting Fundamentals II, you will explore such topics as special journals, uncollectible accounts receivable, plant assets, depreciation, notes and interest, accrued revenue and expenses, dividends, retained earnings, and various financial reports for corporations.

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Accounting Information Systems | ACNT | 2332

A study of the role of accounting information systems and related subsystems, including data collection, retrieval, manipulation, filtering and sorting of data.

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Acoustics | MUSC | 1325

Principles of sound in air, sound in recording, and sound reinforcement. Topics include acoustical properties of studios, live performance facilities, resonance, and electronic and acoustic control. Students will be able to describe specific characteristics of sound in air; describe acoustical properties of halls, rooms, and studios; measure and quantify sound characteristics; and utilize electronic and acoustic control measures.

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Acting I | DRAM | 1351

An introduction to the problems of internal acting technique, creation of visual images, reaction to stimulus, and creation of inner life of character. Scene work: finding beats, developing subtext, and playing intentions. Theatre attendance and/or assistance in college productions required. Required of majors. Open to non-majors. Core Curriculum Course.

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Acting II | DRAM | 1352

An introduction to the problems of external acting technique with emphasis on characterization using animal, color and inanimate object improvisational techniques. Scene work focuses on comedic technique including analyzing incongruities, playing opposites, and timing. Theatre attendance and/or assistance in college productions required. Required of majors. Open to non-majors.

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Acting III | DRAM | 2351

A study of classical acting style with an emphasis on Shakespeare. Special attention is paid to movement and vocal technique dealing with the problems of period movement and heightened language.

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Active Data Objects.NET | ITSC | 1091

This 24 hour course introduces you to database applications using Visual Basic.NET. You learn how to create and work with the new database objects using Active X Data Objects .NET. You will review basics of database using SQL Server and the Structured Query Language SQL.

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Administering a Microsoft SQL Server Database | ITMT | 2403

In-depth coverage of the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot the client-server database management system of Microsoft SQL Server databases.

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Administration of Programs for Children I | CDEC | 2326

Application of management procedures for early child care education programs. Includes planning, operating, supervising, and evaluating programs. Topics cover philosophy, types of programs, policies, fiscal management, regulations, staffing, evaluation, and communication.

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Administration of Programs for Children II | CDEC | 2328

An in-depth study of the skills and techniques in managing early care and education programs, including legal and ethical issues, personal management, team building, leadership, conflict resolution, stress management advocacy, professionalism, fiscal analysis and planning parent education/partnerships, and technical applications in programs.

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