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Cardiology | EMSP | 2444

Assessment and management of patients with cardiac emergencies. Includes single and multi-lead ECG interpretation.

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Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics | RSPT | 2325

A study of physical, radiological, hemodynamic, laboratory, nutritional, and cardiopulmonary diagnostic assessment of the pulmonary patient.

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Cardiopulmonary Disease | RSPT | 2210

A discussion of pathogenesis, pathology, diagnosis, History, Civilization, , prognosis, manifestation, treatment, and detection of cardiopulmonary diseases.

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Care of Children and Families | RNSG | 2201

Study of concepts related to the provision of nursing care for children and families, emphasizing judgment, and professional values within a legal/ethical framework.

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Care of the Childbearing Family | RNSG | 1251

Study of the concepts related to the provision of nursing care for childrearing families; application of systematic problem-solving processes and critical thinking skills, including a focus on the childrearing family from birth to adolescence; and competency in knowledge, judgment, skill, and professional values with a legal/ethical framework.

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Career - Oriented Conversational Spanish | SPAN | 2316

A course emphasizing the development of listening and speaking skills at the intermediate level. The course will use vocabulary, structures, conversational situations and cultural information appropriate for a designated activity or topic such as business, music, travel or other specialized areas. Each time the course is offered, the particular focus will be specified. May be repeated for credit with permission of the Dean.

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Carpentry | CEC | 4000

This program will teach you the basic skills you need to get a job as a residential carpenter. You?ll explore what it?s like to work in construction, learn the basic math you?ll use on the jobsite, and find out how to read a blueprint. In addition, you?ll learn how to use both hand and power tools effectively and safely, and discover how to construct a home from the floor to the roof.

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Cartography and Geography in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems | GISC | 1401

Introduction to the principles of cartography and geography. Emphasis on global reference systems and the use of satellites for measurements and navigation.

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Cathodic Protection | METL | 2441

An in-depth study of corrosion control of buried or submerged metallic structures utilizing both impressed and galvanic cathodic protection systems. Emphasis on regulatory compliance for pipelines and underground storage tanks.

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Cell Culture Techniques | BITC | 2431

Theory and applications of cell culture techniques. Laboratory emphasis on the principles and practices of initiation, cultivation, maintenance, preservation of cell lines and applications.

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