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Automotive Engine Repair | AUMT | 1319

Fundamentals of engine operation, diagnosis and repair including lubrication systems and cooling systems. Emphasis on overhaul of selected engines, identification and inspection, measurements, and disassembly, repair, and reassembly of the engine. May be taught manufacturer specific.

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Automotive Service | AUMT | 2328

Mastery of automotive vehicle service and component systems repair. Emphasis on mastering current automotive competencies covered in related courses. May be taught manufacturer specific.

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Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems | AUMT | 1316

A study of automotive suspension and steering systems including tire and wheel problem diagnosis, component repair, and alignment procedures. May be taught manufacturer specific.

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Avian and Reptile Management | VTHT | 1370

Care and management of avian, reptile, amphibian and aquarium species commonly encountered as pets and in zoological parks and aquariums, wildlife rehabilitation and veterinary clinics.

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Ballet Folklorico I | DANC | 1349

Instruction and participation in folk dance technique. Core Curriculum Course.

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Ballet II | DANC | 1342

Continuation of DANC 1341.

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Ballet III | DANC | 2341

A continuation of DANC 1342 with an emphasis on developing strength, control, flexibility and line to develop a more comprehensive classical ballet movement vocabulary. Through lecture and multimedia, the student will trace the development of ballet in the United States. Core Curriculum Course.

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Ballet IV | DANC | 2342

Continuation of DANC 2341.

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Basic Animation | ARTV | 1303

Examination of animation concepts, principles, and storyboard for basic production. Emphasizes creating movement and expression utilizing traditionally or digitally generated image sequences.

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Basic Blueprint Reading for Plumbers | PFPB | 1306

Introduction to reading and interpreting working drawings. Includes symbols and abbreviations and the use of sketching techniques to create isometric and orthographic drawings of drain, waste, vent, hot and cold water, and gas piping components.

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