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Web Programming Using Java Server Pages and Servlets | INEW | 2418

Web application development using Java, HTML, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), and a web server.

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Web-Served Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | GISC | 2359

Delivery of geographic data via the Internet. Includes composition of the map features distributed and introduction on the use of markup languages to customize web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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Webmaster | CEC | 3008

This Webmaster Online Training Program will prepare you for a career designing, developing, and maintaining Web sites. The program begins by teaching you simple Web page development and progresses by introducing you to new concepts and involving you in active Web page implementation using HTML and Dynamic HTML.

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Wedding Cakes | PSTR | 2350

Skills, concepts, and techniques for preparing wedding cakes. Includes marzipan, plastic chocolate-rolled fondant, chocolate garnish, flower making, and royal icing piping work.

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Weight Training & Conditioning | KINE | 2111

Basic fundamental skills and techniques of a strength and conditioning program. Emphasis is placed on correct procedures and use of equipment.

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Weight Training and Conditioning II | KINE | 2115

Emphasis is placed on acquiring advanced training techniques for improving muscular strength, including competitive lifting skills.

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Well Completions | PTRT | 2331

Drilling and wellbore analysis data to develop a well completion plan.

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Wellness and Health Promotion | CHLT | 1302

Overview of wellness theory and its application throughout the life span. Focus is on attitude development, impact of cultural beliefs, and communication of wellness. Includes health behavior theories and approaches to behavior modification.

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Wellness of the Young Child | TECA | 1318

A study of the factors that impact the well-being of the young child including healthy behavior, food, nutrition, fitness, and safety practices. Focuses on local and national standards and legal implications of relevant policies and regulations. Course content must be aligned as applicable with State Board for Educator Certification Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities standards and coincide with the National Assessment of Educational Progress position statement related to developmentally appropriate practices for children from birth to age eight. Requires students to participate in field experiences with children from infancy through age 12 in a variety of settings with varied and diverse populations. Course includes a minimum of 16 hours of field experiences.

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Western Civilization I | HIST | 2311

Development of ancient, medieval, and early modern civilizations to 1660. This course satisfies the Language, Philosophy and Culture or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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