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Audio Engineering V | MUSC | 2457

Analysis and practice of the operation of a large format, computer-automated analog mixing console. Includes console?s signal flow and operation as they pertain to tracking.

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Audio Post Production | FLMC | 2330

The technology, creative application and requirements for producing audio soundtracks for film and video. (This course explores the technology, creative application and requirements for producing audio soundtracks for film and video projects. Topics include time code, synchronization, mixing, Foley, dialog replacement, sound effects and location sound. The students will work on computerized workstations to produce finished audio tracks for various projects. Students are required to attend additional lab hours outside of class.)

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Audio Production Lab III | RTVB | 2232

Topics include special effects, automated overdubbing, operation of specific recording equipment commonly found in large format multi-track audio facilities, mixing, and equalization. Complete one recording project using the lab time and facilities

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Audio/Radio Production I | RTVB | 1309

Concepts and techniques of sound production including basic recording, mixing, and editing techniques.

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Audio/Radio Production Lab II | RTVB | 1240

Introduces through practical hands-on experience the equipment and procedures used in multitrack recording. Includes basic tracking, simple overdubs and operation of specific recording equipment commonly found in audio facilities, mixing, and equalization.

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Auto Body Welding | ABDR | 1207

The study of industry and standard. welding and cutting procedures.

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AutoCAD I | DFTG | 1040

Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) systems identify CAD hardware and software for various types of CAD drafting; determine means of storing and sharing databases; and identify the compatibility of CAD drawings from various software and operating systems.

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AutoCAD II | DFTG | 2011

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) package and knowledge necessary to perform specific operations in a particular occupational setting.

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Automatic Transmission and Transaxle | AUMT | 2325

A study of the operation, hydraulic principles, and related circuits of modern automatic transmissions and automatic transaxles. Diagnosis, disassembly, and assembly procedures with emphasis on the use of special tools and proper repair techniques. May be taught manufacturer specific.

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Automotive Brake Systems | AUMT | 1310

Operation and repair of drum/disc type brake systems. Emphasis on safe use of modern equipment. Topics include brake theory, diagnosis, and repair of power, manual, anti-lock brake systems, and parking brakes. May be taught with manufacturer specific instructions.

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