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Video Graphics and Visual Effects II | FLMC | 2331

Advanced concepts of designing vector and raster graphics, executing rendering techniques, designing and producing three-dimensional (3-D) materials, and selecting hardware, software, and peripherals for video production.

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Violin | MUAP | 1201

For courses numbered 11xx and 12xx, thes are Freshman level, one-half hour lesson and one-hour lessons per week, respectively. Half-hour lessons require six practice hours per week; hour lessons, ten practice hours per week. Hour lessons may be divided into two 30-minute lessons per week by mutual consent of the student and the instructor. Lessons may be repeated (maximum 7 times in any combination) with permission of the respective department heads and are required of appropriate majors(s). Juries are required. Students provide all instruments but piano and percussion equipment. A MUSI co-requisite is required. Private instruction is offered to music majors only. Half-hour lessons earn 1 credit (1 lecture). Hour lessons earn 2 credits (2 lecture).

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Virtual Assisting Business | CEC | 9074

This class will provide you with the knowledge you need to start and run a successful virtual assisting business and will be paired with hands-on, real world projects to actually help you start your business.

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Visual Basic, Introduction | CEC | 7605

Visual Basic is the most widely used programming language for creating Windows applications. Why? Because it is easy to learn, and does not require you to memorize difficult commands like other programming languages. In this course, you will learn how to write Windows applications and programs using the Visual Basic programming language and the Visual Basic development environment.

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Visual Merchandising | FSHN | 2320

Skill development in the creation of showroom or retail store window/interior displays that sell merchandise. Study of the basic techniques of store planning, mannequin dressing, alternate form design, and display space conceptualization and implementation.

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Vocabulary Development for Interpreters | SLNG | 1248

A course in vocabulary building in English and American Sign Language for interpreters.

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Vocal Production | DRAM | 2336

Emphasis on vocal production: breathing and support, resonance, pitch, range, quality projection. Emphasis on oral interpretation skills. SPCH 1342 recommended.

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Vocational Nursing Concepts | VNSG | 1122

Introduction to the nursing profession and its responsibilities. Includes legal and ethical issues in nursing practice. Concepts related to the physical, emotional, and psychosocial self-care of the learner/professional.

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Voice Class I | MUSI | 1183

Class instruction in fundamentals of singing: tone production, breath production, diction and standard music repertoire. Designed for students with little or no previous vocal training.

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Voice Class II | MUSI | 1184

Continuation of MUSI 1183.

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