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Therapeutic Use of Occupations or Activities II | OTHA | 2302

Continuation of OTHA 1315/1415: Therapeutic Use of Occupations or Activities I. Emphasis on advanced techniques and applications used in traditional and non-traditional practice settings.

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Ticketing Forms and Procedures | TRVM | 1313

An introduction to manual travel agency operations and basic hands-on reservations techniques. An overview of the ARC ticketing, forms, and procedures.

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Torts and Personal Injury Law | LGLA | 2303

This course presents fundamental concepts of tort law with emphasis on the paralegal role. Topics include intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability.

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Total Quality Fundamentals | CEC | 7337

In this course, you will learn how successful organizations apply quality to their everyday activities. You will find out how to use teamwork to make the most of employees' abilities and potential. I will help you manage the process of change, reduce customer complaints, and increase customer service. You will learn of a number of quality fallacies and how to lessen their impact.

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Total Quality Management / PeopleSoft Applications | BMGT | 2331

Quality of productivity in organizations using PeopleSoft Applications. Includes planning for quality PeopleSoft reports, implementation of reports, development of reports for business decision-making. Additional topics will include accessing and setting up queries, aggregating totals, using SQR with PeopleSoft, and reporting tables.

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Transition from Vocational to Professional Nursing | RNSG | 1327

Topics include health promotion, expanded assessment, analysis of data, nursing process, pharmacology, multidisciplinary teamwork, communication, and applicable competencies in knowledge, judgment, skills, and professional values within a legal/ethical framework throughout the life span.

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Trauma Management | EMSP | 1355

A detailed study of the knowledge and skills in the assessment and management of patients with traumatic injuries.

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Travel Automation I | TRVM | 1306

An introduction to computer training using one of the major computer reservation systems for the travel industry.

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Travel Automation II | TRVM | 2335

A continuation of the study of airline computer reservation systems. Emphasis on reserving cars and hotels, using queues, creating passenger profiles, interpreting air fares, rules, and routing, and explaining these to passengers.

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Travel Destinations I - Western Hemisphere | TRVM | 1308

Study of countries located in the Western Hemisphere including Canada, United States, Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. Emphasis on the culture, customs, seasonal attractions, climate, physical features, language, currency, political conditions, and how they affect both the business and leisure traveler.

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