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Textiles for Interior Design | INDS | 2307

The study of interior design textiles including characteristics, care, codes, and applications.

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Textiles | FSHN | 1301

A general study of textiles with emphasis on factors that affect the hand, appearance and performance in clothing use. Examination of the properties of natural and man-made fibers, how yarn is formed, methods of production and the properties of a wide variety of fabrics. Application of textiles used in the apparel industry.

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The Agricultural Industry | AGRI | 1131

An overview of world agriculture, natur of the industry and resource conservation, insight regarding career opportunities in agriculture and natural resources.

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The Art of Film Making | DRAM | 2367

The analysis of key masterworks of American and international films with particular emphasis on works by famed and influential directors.

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The Courts and Criminal Procedure | CRIJ | 1306

Study of the judiciary in the American criminal justice system and the adjudication processes and procedures. Designated as Criminal Justice Transfer Curriculum.

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The Infant and Toddler | CDEC | 1321

A study of appropriate infant and toddler (birth to 3), including an overview of development, quality care giving routines, appropriate environments, materials and activities, and teaching/guidance techniques.

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The Profession of Physical Therapy | PTHA | 1301

Introduction to the profession of physical therapy and the role of the physical therapist assistant.

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The Record Industry | MUSB | 2309

Overview of the record industry and the organization of large and small record companies. Emphasizes record company functions such as artist and repertoire (A & R), promotion, marketing, business affairs, and administration and distribution including Internet-based distribution.

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The School Age Child | CDEC | 2341

A study of appropriate programs for the school age child (5 to 13 years), including an overview of development, appropriate environments, materials, and activities and teaching/guidance techniques.

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Theatrical Costume Design | FSHD | 2312

A study of garment design for the theater in which costumes are researched and designed for theatrical productions. Instruction in the effect of lighting and staging in relationship to costuming.

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