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Survival Kit for New Teachers | CEC | 7375

Are you a new teacher who feels anxious about entering your first classroom? Whether you?re already teaching, a newly credentialed graduate, or a substitute looking to transition to full-time, this course will provide you with all the time-tested tools, tips, and tricks you need to make your early years in the classroom a breeze.

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Sustainable Neighborhood Development | RBPT | 2355

A study of neighborhood-sustained design strategies and applications that integrate the principles of green building and smart growth. Emphasizes basic neighborhood planning, utility infrastructure, land-use patterns, general zoning, subdivision practices, and quantitative methods to evaluate neighborhood development.

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Synthesis II | MUSC | 2345

Course emphasizes technology that integrates MIDI sequencing with digital audio. Topics include computer based hard disk recording systems, MIDI machine control, advanced techniques in synthesizer editing, digital transfers of audio data and CD mastering. The student will demonstrate advanced skill in FM and hybrid synthesis techniques; explain and utilize digital sampling; complete projects using advanced synthesis techniques; and edit samples and synthesizer voices. Students are required to attend additional lab hours outside of class.

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System Analysis and Design | ITSE | 1350

Comprehensive introduction to the planning, design, and construction of computer information systems using the systems development life cycle and other appropriate design tools.

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TABC + Texas Food Handler | CEC | 1156

This course provides you with the necessary knowledge and techniques you need to be a responsible seller-server of alcohol. You will also learn food safety issues, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment.

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TEAS Prep Course | CEC | 1422

This course is presented as a series of four hour interactive lectures with a corresponding study manual. Seminal concepts evaluated by the Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) will be presented, including reading, English and language use, mathematics and science.

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TV Studio Production | RTVB | 1325

Basic television production. Includes studio program content, studio camera operation, and television audio.

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TV/Video Field Production | RTVB | 1321

Pre-production, production, and post-production process involved in field television production. Topics include field camera setup and operation, field audio, television directing, and in-camera or basic continuity editing with an emphasis on underlying principles of video technology.

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TV/Video Production Workshop I | RTVB | 2337

Application and design of video productions in location or studio shoots with real deadlines and quality control restrictions.

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TV/Video Production | RTVB | 2335

Pre-production, production, and post-production process involved in multiple-camera studios. Includes advanced instruction in camera operation, lighting, audio, and television directing.

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