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Services Marketing | MRKG | 2371

An analysis of the principles, methods and problems of marketing for both professional and consumer services. A study of competition, customer service, services design, pricing, services promotion and distribution strategies.

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Services Promotion | MRKG | 2373

Principles and practices of services promotion including public relations, image advertising, proposal writings, sales presentation design, media planning, public relations campaign planning, lobbying, crisis management, positioning, services selling and event planning are discussed.

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Shell Programming | ITSC | 1342

Reading, writing, and debugging shell scripts. Development of scripts to automate frequently executed sequences of commands. Covers conditional logic, user interaction, loops, and menus to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the user. Intended for programmers who are familiar with operating environments and reading and writing various shell scripts.

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Shelter Management | VTHT | 1371

This course covers nutrition, sanitation, commonly encountered shelter diseases as well as breed identification and animal shelter management.

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Shop Safety and Procedures | DEMR | 1301

A study of shop safety, rules, basic shop tools, and test equipment.

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Shorthand / Notetaking I | POFT | 1345

An introduction to shorthand/notetaking principles. Mastery of accurate reading and writing of notes to produce mailable documents from dictation.

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Shrubs , Vines and Groundcovers | HALT | 1211

In-depth coverage of the shrubs, vines and groundcovers used in the horticulture industry. Topics include identification, characteristics, adaptation, cultural requirements, pest and disease problems, and use in the landscape.

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Sight Singing & Ear Training I | MUSI | 1116

Corequisite: MUSI 1311 - Singing tonal music in treble and bass clefs, and aural study of elements of music, such as scales, intervals and chords, and dictation of basic rhythm, melody and diatonic harmony. Required of majors.

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Sight Singing/Ear Training II | MUSI | 1217

Singing tonal music in treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs. Aural study (including dictation) of rhythm, melody and diatonic harmony.

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Sight Singing/Ear Training III | MUSI | 2216

Singing more difficult tonal music, including modal, ethnic and 20th century materials. Drills in sight-singing and ear training. Aural study (including dictation) of more complex rhythm, melody, chromatic harmony and extending tertian structures.

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