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Sectional Anatomy for Medical Imaging | RADR | 2340

Anatomic relationships that are present under various sectional orientations as depicted by computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

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Security+ Certification | ITSY | 1000

This course covers basic information regarding availability, integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality of security goals, including terminology, exposure, vulnerability and countermeasures for the field of information security.

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Security+ | ITSY | 1371

Introduction to security systems that will provide the student a solid foundation of understanding the different computer security concepts, functions, and applications. The course maps to CompTIA Security+ exam objectives which cover general security concepts, communication security, and infrastructure security, basics of cryptography, and operations/organizational security. Upon completion of this course, the student will be prepared to sit for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

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Selling Bank Products and Services | BNKG | 1351

Characteristics and benefits of bank products and services. Emphasis on the personal selling process and quality customer service. Application of personal selling, cross-selling, and related product benefits to individual customer needs.

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Seminar for the Dental Assistant | DNTA | 2130

Analysis of case studies during the clinical phase of practicum/clinical.

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Seminar in Medical Laboratory Technology | MLAB | 2232

Designed to reinforce didatic information with laboratory methodologies and to allow exploration of advanced techniques in medical laboratory technology

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Services Marketing | MRKG | 2371

An analysis of the principles, methods and problems of marketing for both professional and consumer services. A study of competition, customer service, services design, pricing, services promotion and distribution strategies.

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Services Promotion | MRKG | 2373

Principles and practices of services promotion including public relations, image advertising, proposal writings, sales presentation design, media planning, public relations campaign planning, lobbying, crisis management, positioning, services selling and event planning are discussed.

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Shell Programming | ITSC | 1342

Reading, writing, and debugging shell scripts. Development of scripts to automate frequently executed sequences of commands. Covers conditional logic, user interaction, loops, and menus to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the user. Intended for programmers who are familiar with operating environments and reading and writing various shell scripts.

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Shelter Management | VTHT | 1371

This course covers nutrition, sanitation, commonly encountered shelter diseases as well as breed identification and animal shelter management.

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