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Residential Design I | INDS | 2313

The study of residential spaces, including the identification of client needs, programming, standards, space planning, drawings, and presentations.

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Residential Energy Conservation Codes | RBPT | 2320

Use of computer software and code documents to determine compliance with residential energy conservation codes. Emphasizes gathering data from building plans and manufacturers' specifications.

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Residential Lighting , Appliances , and Plug Loads | RBPT | 1305

A study of the use of appliances, lighting, plug loads, and techniques to lower energy and water consumption in the home. Includes basic electrical concepts, calculation of energy and water usage, and selection of water- and energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Also covers the impact of human behavior on energy and water consumption. Investigation of future trends will be explored.

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Residential Mechanical Systems | RBPT | 1310

Identification and operation of space heating and cooling, ventilation, water heating, and swimming pool/spa systems. Includes comparisons of mechanical systems based on fuel type and efficiency. Also explores the impact of human behavior on energy usage.

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Residential Wiring Bilingual | ELPT | 1029

Students will study the principles of operation of electrical components and appliances utilized in single and multi-family dwellings. Students will learn the applications, selections and installation techniques of the most common electrical devices used in home and apartment buildings. Students will be able to perform and troubleshoot most common installations encountered in residential applications.

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Residential Wiring | ELPT | 1329

Wiring methods for single family and multi-family dwellings. Includes load calculations, service entrance sizing, proper grounding techniques, and associated safety procedures.

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Residential and Light Commercial Blueprint Reading | CNBT | 1300

Introductory blueprint reading for residential and light commercial construction.

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Respiratory Care Examination Preparation | RSPT | 2230

Theory and History, Civilization, of clinical simulation examinations. Includes construction types, scoring, and mechanics of taking the computerized simulation examination respiratory care.

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Respiratory Care Patient Assessment | RSPT | 2258

Integration of patient examination techniques, including patient History, Civilization, and physical exam, lab studies, x-ray, pulmonary function, arterial blood gases, and invasive and noninvasive hemodynamics.

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Respiratory Care Pharmacology 2 | CEC | 3501

Respiratory Care Pharmacology presents the essential, need-to- know information on respiratory pharmacology. It covers pharmacokinetics principles as they relate to respiratory agents, drug administration, and a range of specific drugs used in respiratory care and their effects on body systems.

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