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Real Estate Inspections | RELE | 2305

A study of the different types of building systems and materials used in the design and construction of real property. Covers residential construction and commercial building systems and materials. Includes different structural building systems with emphasis on wood-related products, concrete and masonry, brick, stone, and steel units. This course meets part of the educational requirements, as determined by The Texas Real Estate Commission, to become a licensed inspector.

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Real Estate Investing | CEC | 9701

Real Estate Investing includes specially designed worksheets and hands-on activities to take the guesswork out of your investing efforts. By emphasizing systems and service, this course will help you do more with less effort while serving the needs of your buyers and sellers.

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Real Estate Investment | RELE | 1307

Characteristics of real estate investments. Includes techniques of investment analysis, time-valued money, discounted and non-discounted investment criteria, leverage, tax shelters, depreciation, and applications to property tax.

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Real Estate Law | RELE | 1309

Provides a study of legal concepts of real estate, land description, real property rights, estates in land, contracts, conveyances, encumbrances, foreclosures, recording procedures, and evidence of title.

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Real Estate Marketing | RELE | 1321

A study of real estate professionalism and ethics; characteristics of successful salespersons; time management; psychology of marketing; listing procedures; advertising; negotiating and closing financing; and the Deceptive Trade Practice Act.

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Real Estate Mathematics | RELE | 1325

Basic arithmetic skills. Includes mathematical logic, percentages, interest, time value of money, depreciation, amortization, proration, and estimation of closing statements.

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Real Estate Title and Settlement | RELE | 2307

Examines the procedural aspects required to research land titles, establish and administer title closings, escrow, determination of settlement requirements, and filing. In addition, the lender?s closing instructions, document review, funding procedures, post closing audit and file set up will be presented. This course emphasizes workforce training in the area of closing and funding procedures as determined by the needs of industry. Accredited: Texas Savings and Loan Department.

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Real Property | LGLA | 2309

This course presents fundamental concepts of real property law with emphasis on the paralegal's role. Topics include the nature of real property, rights and duties of ownership, land use, voluntary and involuntary conveyances, and the recording of and searching for real estate documents.

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Records and Information Management I | POFT | 1319

Introduction to basic records and information management. Includes the life cycle of a record, manual and electronic records management, and basic filing procedures and rules. The student will identify the stages in the life cycle of a record; file and retrieve records using alphabetic, numeric, geographic, and subject filing systems, input, index, code, and cross-reference records; use tickler file, requisition, and charge-out procedures; and differentiate between manual and electronic filing.

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Refrigeration Principles | HART | 1307

An introduction to the refrigeration cycle, basic thermodynamics, heat transfer, temperature/pressure relationship, safety, refrigeration containment, and refrigeration components.

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