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Public Speaking | SPCH | 1315

Designed to develop proficiency in public speaking situations; emphasis on content, organization, and delivery of speeches for various occasions. Open to all students. Required for speech majors. Core Curriculum Course.

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Python Programming 2.5, Introduction | CEC | 9497

This course will show you how to create basic programming structures like decisions and loops. After that, we will move on to object-oriented techniques with classes and exceptions. You will also learn how to use some unique Python data structures like tuples and dictionaries. You will even learn how to create graphical elements from simple squares and circles to graphical user interface objects like buttons and labels

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Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement | HITT | 2443

Study of the many facets of quality standards and methodologies in the health information management environment. Topics include licensing, accreditation, computation and presentation of data in statistical formats, quality improvement functions, quality tools, utilization management, risk management, and medical staff data quality issues.

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QuarkXpress , Introduction | CEC | 2003

Students will use QuarkXPress to create documents for publication. In this course students will add text and format text to their documents, add table data, and include pictures.

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RHIT Competency Review | HITT | 2149

Review of HIT competencies, skills, and knowledge base pertinent to the technology and relevant to the professional development of the student.

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Radiation Biology and Protection | RADR | 2213

Effects of radiation exposure on biological systems. Includes typical medical exposure levels, methods for measuring and monitoring radiation, and methods for protecting personnel and patients from excessive exposure.

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Radio / Television News Prerequisite : Department Approval | COMM | 2332

Studies fundamentals of broadcast news. Covers broadcast writing, performing, and standard broadcasting formats. Uses lecture and laboratory setting with supervision by both sponsoring commercial studio and faculty.

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Radio and Television Announcing | COMM | 2331

The development of skills required for efficient announcing, acting, newscasting, and other speaking before microphone and camera. Students write and present radio, TV, audiovisual announcements and assignments. Utilize lectures, lab setting with supervision by faculty.

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Radio and Television Announcing | RTVB | 1355

Radio and television announcing skills such as voice quality, articulation, enunciation and pronunciation. Preparation for opportunities in announcing employment in news, sports, commercial, voice talent and disk jockey, and radio and TV.

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Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacy | NMTT | 2201

Basic concepts of radiochemistry and radiopharmacy including the atomic structure, radioactive decay, and production of various radionuclides. Emphasis on radiopharmaceuticals and their ideal characteristics, biodistribution, and clincal applications; the various dosage forms in which they may be dispensed; quality control tests; and their formation and dispensing.

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