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Polymers I | CTEC | 2441

Study of the concepts of polymer science. Topics include classification, structure, properties, synthesis, characterization, and industrial application.

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Polymers II | CTEC | 2443

Continuation of Polymers I with emphasis on polymeric materials.

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Portfolio Development for Animation | ARTV | 2335

A course in the development of a professional portfolio to showcase the student's skills in animation. Includes self-promotion, resumes, portfolio distribution, and interview techniques.

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Portfolio Development for Graphic Design | ARTC | 2335

Preparation of a portfolio comprised of completed graphic design class projects. Evaluation and demonstration of portfolio presentation methods based on the student?s specific area of study.

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Portfolio Development | PHTC | 2343

A culmination experience for the evaluation of the student's photographic competencies. Includes association with a professional photographic organization, skills in resume creation, completion of portfolio, professional self-presentation, comprehensive exam, and seminars in areas of photographic interest.

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Portfolio Presentation | INDS | 2337

A course in the preparation and presentation of a comprehensive interior design portfolio, including resume preparation, employment interview skills, and goal setting.

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Portfolio for Game Development | GAME | 2308

Design and management of an industry standard portfolio. Includes techniques in self-promotion, resume writing, portfolio distribution systems, and interviewing.

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Portraiture I | PHTC | 1353

Photographic principles applied to portrait lighting, posing, and subject rapport.

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Portraiture II | PHTC | 2353

Advanced concepts in the study of principles of effective portraiture with specific emphasis on unique presentation and environmental and location studies.

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Positive Parenting | CEC | 1020

Parents, teachers, and other that work with children will learn to use Positive Discipline to encourage self-respect, self-discipline, cooperation, good behavior and problem-solving skills in their children.

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