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Physical Anthropology | ANTH | 2301

Introduction to Physical Anthropology explores the relationship between culture and biology through the methods, theory and research of biological anthropology. Students learn about basic mechanisms of genetic change in populations and the relationships between humans and the other primates. The appearance of humans and their bipedal ancestors approximately four million years ago and their culture History, Civilization, through the Paleolithic age are examined in detail. Students learn about biological variation and adaptation in human populations, responses to the environment, race, and other issues and their applications. Core Curriculum Course.

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Physical Fitness Training | PHED | 1113

Varied class activities designed to increase strength, endurance and flexibility.

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Physical Function in Occupational Therapy | OTHA | 2331

Physical function to promote occupational performance. Includes frames of reference, assessment/evaluation tools and techniques, patient/client education, and intervention strategies.

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Physical Geography | GEOG | 1301

An introduction to the earth?s physical elements. Emphasis is placed on the interrelationships within and between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. Map applications and other tools are used to help understand topics such as weather and climate, soils, ecosystems, and natural resources(Non Lab Natural Science). This course satisfies the Life and Physical Sciences or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Physical Geology | GEOL | 1403

Introduction to the study of the materials and processes that have modified and shaped the surface and interior of Earth over time. These processes are described by theories based on experimental data and geologic data gathered from field observations. Laboratory activities will cover methods used to collect and analyze earth science data. This course satisfies the Life and Physical Sciences or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Physical Therapy Aide | CEC | 7410

You will master all the skills you need to begin a career as a physical therapy aide. You will learn what physical therapy entails, identify the responsibilities of a PT aide, and develop a working knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. In addition, you will get a solid grounding in patient care skills, infection control, and the legal and ethical regulations that affect healthcare providers.

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Physics for Allied Health | SCIT | 1320

An introduction to physics with emphasis on applications to health related fields of study. Topics include forces, motion, work and energy, fluids, heat, electricity and magnetism, wave motion, sound, electromagnetic radiation, and nuclear radiation.

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Physics of Instrumentation | INCR | 1302

An introduction to a simple pneumatic control loop. Introduction to pressure, temperature, level, and flow transmitters and the various transducers used in the detection of changes in process variables. This course is designed to familiarize the student with the instrumentation devices utilized in industrial automation and process control environments.

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Piano Class I | MUSI | 1181

Class instruction in the fundamentals of keyboard technique for beginning piano students only. A skills course. May be repeated. Required of majors. Open to non-majors.

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Piano Class II | MUSI | 1182

Continuation of MUSI 1181. May be repeated. Required of majors. Open to non-majors.

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