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PHP and MySQL , Introduction | CEC | 9813

This course will help you become familiar with the basics on how to build dynamic, data-driven Websites using two of the most popular open source technologies available: PHP and MySQL. In this results-oriented, hands-on class, you will master essential programming concepts by designing and building full-featured Web site powered by PHP and MySQL.

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PMP Certification Prep I | CEC | 7540

Raise your project management IQ by discovering tips and techniques related to the questions you'll encounter on the PMP exam. Use proven learning strategies to help absorb key terminology, concepts, and formulas.

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PMP Certification Prep II | CEC | 5114

Prepare to take and pass the Project Management Institute's PMP certification exam.

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PV Installation Maintenance and Troubleshooting | SOLR | 1470

Overview of site evaluation and installation of batteries, PV arrays, control and inverters, and PV wiring. Principles materials and tools lists, code regulations, PV components maintenance, troubleshooting of: common system faults, wiring problems using measuring equipment, specific PV related problems.

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Painting I | ARTS | 2316

Exploration of ideas using painting media and techniques. A studio course which explores painting media with an emphasis on color, composition, subject matter and technique. Painting I is a prerequisite for Painting II.

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Painting II | ARTS | 2317

Exploration of ideas using painting media and techniques. This studio course builds upon skills developed in Painting I with an emphasis on the development of personal style, subject matter, and individual expression. Painting I is a prerequisite for Painting II.

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Paralegal | CEC | 7619

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you will need to perform the basic duties of a paralegal. You will have a solid understanding of what activities a paralegal must perform and how to perform them.

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Parasitology/Mycology | MLAB | 1231

A study of the taxonomy, morphology, and pathogenesis of human parasites and fungi, including the practical application of laboratory procedures.

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Parliamentary Law and Procedure | SPCH | 1146

Parliamentary law and procedure as needed by club leaders and sponsors of school clubs and other organizations. Course includes lecture material, practice sessions with hypothetical cases and the reading of collateral material from library sources.

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Pathophysiology for the PTA | PTHA | 1321

Study of the pathophysiology of diseases/conditions encountered in physical therapy.

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