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Petroleum Data Management II-Drilling and Production | PTRT | 1472

Overview of computer applications in drilling and production. Covers the History, Civilization, , fundamentals, terminology and software for drilling and production. Introduction to the principles of drilling, production and reservoir.

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Petroleum Data Management III - Facilities and Performance | PTRT | 2470

Overview of computer applications in surface facilities and automation. Covers the History, Civilization, , fundamentals, terminology and software for surface facilities and automation.

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Petroleum Geology | PTRT | 1370

Principles of geological patterns, rock shapes and structures, and reservoir formations associated with petroleum operations.

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Petroleum Operations | PTRT | 2370

Course covers the principles and fundamentals of onshore and offshore operations implemented in oil recovery.

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Pharmaceutical Mathematics I | PHRA | 1309

Solving pharmaceutical calculation problems encountered in the preparation and distribution of drugs.

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Pharmaceutical Mathematics II | PHRA | 1247

Advanced concepts of Pharmaceutical Mathematics.

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Pharmacology For The Dental Hygienist | DHYG | 1235

Classes of drugs and their uses, actions, interactions, side effects, contraindications, and systemic and oral manifestations with emphasis on dental applications

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Pharmacology and Administration of Medications | MDCA | 1448

Instruction in concepts and application of pharmacological principles. Focuses on drug classifications, principles and procedures of medication administration, mathematical systems and conversions, calculation of drug problems, and medico-legal responsibilities of the medical assistant.

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Pharmacology of Addiction | DAAC | 1304

Describes the psychological, physiological, and sociological effects of mood altering substances and behaviors. Emphasizes pharmacological effects of tolerance, dependency/withdrawal, cross addiction, and drug interaction.

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Pharmacology | HITT | 1249

Overview of the basic concepts of the pharmacological treatment of various diseases affecting major body systems.

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