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Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I | BIOL | 2101

Study of the structure and function of human cells, tissues, and organ systems including integumentary skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

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Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health | VNSG | 1320

Introduction to the normal structure and function of the body including an understanding of the relationship of body systems in maintaining homeostasis.

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Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Assistants | MDCA | 1409

Emphasis on normal human anatomy and physiology of cells, tissues, organs, and systems with overview of common pathophysiology.

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Android Application Developer | CEC | 9727

The Android Application Developer course will give you valuable Android Application development experience. In the program,you will learn how to develop basic Android Applications using the Android ADT framework. When you have completed the program, you will be equipped to start exploring the world of creating applications for Android Devices. This program will take you through the basics of Android Framework to working with complex applications.

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Anesthesia and Surgical Assistance | VTHT | 1341

In-depth application of surgical, obstetrical, and anesthesia techniques including identification and use of instruments and equipment.

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Apparel Alterations | FSHN | 1305

Skill development in fitting, altering, conserving and restyling apparel for men, women and children. Preparation for fitting, alterations, conservation and restoration work for a retail store, dry cleaning establishment, wedding gown business or historical costume collection.

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Apparel Computer Systems | FSHD | 1318

An introduction to apparel computer systems used in wholesale and retail fashion businesses. Applications demonstrated include computer-aided garment and textile design, fashion illustration, pattern making, pattern grading, marker making, newsletters, brochures, advertisements and catalogs.

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Application of Industrial Automatic Controls | INTC | 1343

Automatic process control including measuring devices, analog and digital instrumentation, signal transmitters, recorders, alarms, controllers, control valves, and process and instrument drawings. Includes connection and troubleshooting of loops.

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Applications of Hair Weaving & Braiding | CSME | 1557

Emphasis on the application of hair weaving and braiding techniques and preparation for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) examination.

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Applied Analytical Chemistry | SCIT | 1543

Principles of quantitative analysis as related to industrial applications. Includes gravimetric and titrimetric analysis of practical samples by classical and standard methods.

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